Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bill of Goods

The worse display of shredded integrity is our Bill of Rights. The original document has been changed so many times it reads nothing like its original intent. However, the worse transfiguration of our sacred document has been implied, rather than legally amended. It was tested a few decades ago, by a liberal faction, to insinuate the words "separation of church and state" actually appears in the Constitution. It was repeated so many times, the mass illusion effect took place; where even scholars have been teaching the myth. In fact, the words not only do not appear, but, the result these traitors were trying to achieve has become law and many people have suffered for it.

The actual wording in the document of which they were pertaining, specifies the state will not interfere with the church, that people are free to worship any way they choose. The original document was based on christian laws and written by Christians.

Today's disregard for details, when it suits, is so far lost it would take years to straighten the damage done once assessed properly. The decisions made by local judges to override laws placed on the books by the people we give that responsibility to, or we voted for, would be a long endeavour to undue. Nobody wants to approach that issue, so it continues. Judges are supposed to preside over the enforcement of laws as they are written.

Daily, more and more little actions take place to chisel away at that document which protected our rights as the people of the nation, so the government would never take advantage of the people. With all the education and advancement in technology we have been afforded, we balanced it out with lazy. We would rather rely on, and trust in, the self-centered politicians to keep our best interest protected. Consequently, that gives them more power to do whatever they wish, regardless how it hurts us. This has been spiraling out of control for years.

Lately, there has been organized, peaceful protests by a group calling themselves the "Tea Party", mostly concerned of our tax dollars being stolen by the Dems. The Democrats have gone insane with their new founded power and are raping the country. They are not answerable to anybody, and it is Christmas now, 365 days per year.

People are finally starting to wake up to the fact that Barack Obama was a good speech reader. AND THAT'S IT!!! He conned most of the country with his "Change" tactic. He promised it would not be business as usual in our Capitol. He promised transparency, total transparency. No Bill would be passed without our viewing it online first. Now he has such a low opinion of the people who voted for him, he will pass and sign a bill which spends more of our money than ever before, behind closed doors. Then, get on TV and say our money is carefully being watched. The fox watching the hen house? When he referred to Biden as the "Sheriff" and they all chuckled, anyone with any savvy would know that was a con, in an attempt to throw off suspicion for now.

The die-hard supporters will be stubborn for now, but, when Obama's inexperience and total disregard for the outcome of their wallowing in the cookie jar effects them, they will turn. My ex-wife used to get sick of hearing me say how Obama would bring on another Carter administration. I must apologize to Mr. Carter. He was a far right conservative compared to this community organizer.

It is so laughable to think of people fainting and crying over this man possibly being our President. He had two years experience in the Senate and did nothing while there. He has had nothing but questionable associations. The only thing people could attribute to Obama for being a good President was his talk. He read teleprompters well.

There are some who still claim they are doing well, and think we are not giving Obama a chance. He has every chance for the next four years to change your mind. We will see more and more protests coming, especially when everybody realizes there is considerations of a global economy in the works. You better get your affairs together, as the only way to cover up their blunders will be a self-inflicted catastrophe. They will still be blaming Bush, and it won't matter anymore.

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