Friday, March 27, 2009

Laws Are For Us

Whether you believe it, or not, the Bill of Rights was written for us. It was to protect us, the people, from falling into the same tyranny from which our ancestors came. They knew the detailed politics and corruption of power as they lived it. We are in our little comfort zones and rely on power hungry individuals to lead us right back to the same tyranny.

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If we do not let our vision get clouded by the rhetoric which is intended to blind us, we can focus on the intent of the founding fathers of this country. The Constitution has been butchered throughout the years, but, none so much as has been the case in the last few months. The original laws were written for our protection. Now comes a group, hungry for power, who will convince us the original law is not for our good and must be changed. They will do this all in the name of patriotism, their care for this country.

Patriotism is the exact opposite of what is going on. But, as we love our comfort, we would rather entrust our future to individuals which never had our needs or concerns at heart. We don't wish to be bothered. We elected a President to take care of our concerns. Wrong! We elected a President based on an ideal. The ideals which were projected by this production team were non-existent. We fell in love with a movie star, in effect, who should receive the Academy Award for Best Actor every year he remains in office.

The concerns of this administration should be obvious to those who are no longer in that 'teen-in-love' mentality. If you are hypnotized by the 'politically correct' idealism, which misled so many to do the worse thing possible for this country, then you still believe the Obama cult will take care of you.

Can you not see their agenda. Regardless of how bad things are, they are worried about guns; not guns in the possession of criminals. The Democrats, and even several Republicans, are mostly concerned of honest citizen's guns. During the campaign, Obama claimed to be Christian. He also claimed he would do nothing that would cause the NRA to be concerned. But, when in San Francisco, he was bold enough to make a public statement, disparaging of Christians, "Who cling to their Bible and their guns". Yet, many Christians voted for this man, who stands for everything against the Christian belief.

This administration has broken dozens of our laws and we choose to ignore it. Nobody has a problem with it. Many people voted for him because they knew he was corrupt. That's right. They knew he was a pot head, he still smokes, and he has had nothing but communist and anti-American friends. So, think about how many groups that list of interests falls under. If you wanted a President that would take care of all your concerns, without you being bothered, why did you vote for the one who doesn't care about your concerns?

Obama was not even born in this country...the first requirement to be President. There was a good reason for that law. The founding fathers knew, now matter how much they seem to care, a person who has not the birth connection, lacks the same respect for our country we have. Insisting on American birth prevents a foreign interest from planting a perfect actor (spy) in the leadership role of this great nation.

We have also disregarded the numerous laws grossly violated in the handling of our tax dollars. The Democrats have gone insane as they have no one to answer to in regards to spending. Again, we would rather choose to ignore and keep having blind faith this man is a genius and he won't ruin generations to come. They are not that stupid, however. They are planning ahead for when the American people have had enough. They do not plan to have a silly 'few million' citizens get in their way. Already, people are beginning to protest, but, most choose to go back to twittering. The Dems will continue to convince them, "We are doing this for your own good, we love you".

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