Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Tread On Me

more about "Don't Tread On Me", posted with vodpod Get Involved! It is your country. It is being misused and abused. Don't let the agenda of a few hundred elitists form a new type of government for our children and grandchildren. This one has served us just fine. Now it's time for us to serve it. As John F Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." *Be informed! Don't rely on a false ideology. Don't entrust your country to a non-patriotic group which has every intention of destroying our democracy to fulfill their Global agenda. Many are already aware, and taking action to relay the peaceful message... "This is our country." *Ignorance is bliss, for the enemy. At least, stay informed. You may find a Tea Party group in your area, or by querying your favorite search engine. Or, you may go to the 912 Project page where daily updates and useful resources are available. For more information on Bilderberg, Trilateral and the Federal Reserve watch "The Obama Deception" on this page, or read the following articles. This is not wacky conspiracy theory; these are facts. The agenda of a few hundred elitists is to cripple our country in favor of a global power, for the control of funds worldwide. They tried to complete the task with Carter, but, Ronald Reagan put our country back together. They picked up the torch again with Bush, Clinton, and George W.; now, Obama. *We have the right to the truth, and the privilege to choose... if we make the right choice.

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