Friday, March 13, 2009

Breaking News: Things Aren't As Bad As They Seem

This just in: President Barack Obama has just announced that the economy is not as bad as we, the American citizens, were mistakenly believing. President Obama dropped everything he had on his agenda to share this insider information with the public, so we would not worry needlessly for one more second than necessary. The President shared a bit of wisdom to reporters, "Things are never as bad as they seem, and they are never as good as they seem."

All Americans should be breathing a sigh of relief. Wait! What was that comment with which the President followed up? "We didn't know the underlying factors two(2) years ago that led up to this", the President announced. Hold up with the party favors, Gladys!. Maybe the optimism President Obama is sharing with us is just as misleading as his continual blame confusion. He is getting more clever as to how and when to slip in the mass hypnotic suggestions. I can hear the voices all around the country. "That's right, you tell 'em Barack. It's not as bad as those fools thought."

The fact that the stock market has gained a few hundred points in the last three days is hardly the sign of a steady trend of recovering the two thousand or so lost in the last 50 days. We can only hope it does, which is what Obama is doing.

Judging the health of the economy by the stock market is like judging a person's wealth by their credit score!!!

The facts that led up to this point, of which our President speaks, were the facts Senator McCain and other Republicans attempted to introduce to then Senator Obama and his Democratic accomplices. The many facts and evidential documents produced were shrugged off with angry screams of "Witch hunt" and "Lynch mob" from the Dems, adamantly defending the director of Fanny Mae.

President Obama also commented today, the fundamentals of the economy are sound. Yes! That is exactly what he said. If you remember, during the campaign, when Senator McCain made the exact same statement, Barack Obama repeated it over and over for days... "It just shows how out of touch he is", replied Obama. Well, politicians have never been accused of having integrity, but, once again, Obama is rubbing the dirt in our face with a "na-na-na-na-na".

Recently, the President's approval rating has dropped approximately 9% to 59% over all. While that doesn't sound like much, it is highly unusual for any new administration; 9% of millions, which previously approved, is a lot of people. These are the people, of which whom, voted for Mr. Obama on idealistic fantasies, and are now waking up. The rest are just holding onto their stubbornness. Even the extremely low income, impoverished citizens should not want to walk down this road of Socialism. During the campaign, when an incident arose where the Patriotism of the Democratic nominee was questioned, outrage abound from every talking head on every news channel for days. The truth is, there is nothing Patriotic about what the Dems are doing with these so-called stimulus packages. They have clearly put there own desires in front of what is best for our Nation. This was obvious from the get-go to most. Some clearly do not care. But, Heaven forbid we call a spade a spade and dare say aloud, "None of these attempts are Constitutional!"

I have to admit, if nothing else, President Obama is consistent. He never lets an opportunity escape to blame someone else, and he never misses an opportunity to get in front of the cameras. Only, if he would have refrained from making so many public comments recently, the markets may not have fallen so badly, due to lack of confidence. We plead with you, Mr. President, stay in your office and work hard on the situation, rather than talking about it to the cameras. You just may accidentally find a solution, which would be much more productive than your visibility.

For video of the Dems refusing to hear the evidence against Fanny and Freddy two years ago, please see the posts "The Blame Game" and "The Facts the Liberal Media Would Not Air" on this page.

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