Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Transparent Administration?!

We were told of a different kind of government. "CHANGE" was the ongoing message to the point of nausea. "We can do it!" was drilled into us as the blame game hypnotized us. Like zombies with no thought process we streamed into the polls and elected what many called "Our Messiah". The empty promise of a "Transparent administration" rang out to the ears of those who thought the days of 'conspiracy theory' government was over...he loves us.
Of coarse, he is Barack Obama. Like a 'player' who swoons his victims until he gets them in bed, we were romanced with promise after promise. To date, just approximately two months into his reign, there has been several major decisions implemented into being. None of which have been discussed in an open forum, let alone displayed for public consideration. All of which, have major effects and consequences on our lives. The perverted stand on gay rights and abortion was placed on the White House website seconds after the inauguration. Hours after the man was placed in office, orders were given to implement the will of his cronies to close Gitmo. Days into his reign as emperor, a Liberal spending plan was forced down our throats from behind closed doors, which tops all spending plans in the past. Yesterday, our President signs into law a bill that will lift all restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.
As for the bad budget decisions, what did we expect. The community organizer is throwing our proverbial chips in the air and hoping they'll land favorably. But, when the man states science supersedes all moral implications and he is doing the will of the majority of Americans, where do we finally question the integrity(joke) of this administration? The zombies are still walking around stating we need to give him a chance, he has only been in office two months. That is not looking at the 'cup half full' optimism. That is mindless denial. He has only been in office two months and look at how the old way of government has "Changed". NOT!!!
Even though, many experts are stating adult stem cell research is much more promising, Obama has ignored all his promises and all data on the subject and forced the will of the few on the majority. He states the majority of Americans want to destroy embryos for questionable results. He didn't quite say it exactly that way, but, that is exactly the reality of it. Did I miss a vote while I was taking a nap? Was my cellphone signal weak when they called to poll me? Where is he getting the statistic from. Last I read on the subject, most of Americans are against the idea of embryo manipulation and cloning.
Just as the marriage issue was voted on and the people rejected gay marriage, the will of the people is ignored. Not to mention the Will of God, as Obama claims to be a Christian. The last thing we need is more population without souls. We have chosen to take over the role of creator, as we accuse God of not getting it right. Mr Obama should quit going around the country campaigning and get down to serious business. Is he aware the inauguration meant he won the office? We should not even hear from him as he is so busy working on the mess our government has aloud. It is not all the fault of George Bush, which got us here. In fact, most of the blame, if not all, lies with the Democrats which whom had Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac in their pockets.
Now we are going down the steady road to Socialism. It is probably to the point where it cannot be turned around for years to come. The Dems see it as we cannot take care of ourselves; we do not have the capacity to make our own decisions. We need to give them most of our incomes so they can build a government big enough to regulate everything for our lives. We are so confused we give all the power to the wrong people for the wrong reasons. The data was not complete on Barack Obama, but, what data we had suggested his integrity was questionable, too say the least. We chose to ignore the information available to us, because it was so politically correct to elect a black man into office. I can name three black men in the political realm which would have been much more reliable for the job of running the (former) superpower of the globe. I can name a plumber who, while not black, would have had equal qualifications for the job. After all, we are getting our pipes cleaned by Obama.

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