Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winston Churchill's Christmas Eve Address, Washington, 1941

Here then, for one night only, each home throughout the English-speaking world should be a brightly lighted island of happiness and peace. Let the children have their night of fun and laughter. Let the gifts of Father Christmas delight their play. Let us grown-ups share to the full in their unstinted pleasures before we turn again to the stern tasks and formidable year that lie before us. Resolved that by our sacrifice and daring these same children shall not be robbed of their inheritance or denied their right to live in a free and decent world. Read Christmas During War

Wishing You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

just a few of the weapons seized from jihadists in America
See video below of women training to kill in New York
There are jihad camps all over the United States. The intentions of those who train in these camps are to kill Americans and destroy the American way of life (freedom). So far, the Federal government nor state officials have attempted to hinder their jihadi plans as they feel it is an expression of their religion.
Okay, so we sit and wait to be annihilated by our worst enemy because it is "politically correct?"

There are growing numbers of jihadi attacks here in the states, but, fervently whitewashed by the leftists to seem as something else. From Churches to Military facilities, jihadists are carrying out planned, calculated, fatal assaults on American citizens, and they receive nothing but consideration from our government. The victims from the satanic religion are mostly gone ignored, just as 9/11 victims are being ignored.
The consideration for the terrorist's comfort far outweighs the cries of Americans to NOT bring the mastermind of 9/11 to the crime scene for his trial. The only concern of the Obama administration is that the terrorists (foreign combatants) are given the same rights as the American citizens receive for being legal citizens. You remember, the same rights Obama apologised for all over the world. The rights in which are the sole reason for jihad to destroy us, are being enjoyed by the jihad to enable their mission.
All of the devout muslims of which believe in the Koran are jihad, whether man, woman, or child, devoted to killing Jews and Americans (or infidels). You may believe the rhetoric of 'peaceful, loving religion' all you want, but, it is a lie. You can listen to "It's just a radical few" 'til the cows come home, but, the truth is to kill Americans and Jews IS THEIR RELIGION!!!

Now our soldiers are facing criminal proceedings for encountering the enemy in the theater.
Critical evidence was withheld by prosecutors during the trial of 1LT Michael Behenna. If you believe that soldiers who fight for our constitutional rights, the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, the right to due process of law and the right to a fair trial, we ask you to sign this petition requesting a new trial. During 1LT Behenna’s trial the government withheld evidence that their own forensic expert told them that in his opinion “the only logical explanation” for the shooting was consistent with the defense theory that the Al Qaeda terrorist was standing with his arms outstretched when the first shot was fired and not sitting on a rock as argued by the prosecutors. We believe that the prosecutors had a constitutional obligation to provide this evidence to the defense lawyers and the jury had the right to hear all the evidence before deliberating on the guilt or innocence of this soldier. Please help us obtain justice for this American Hero by signing this petition.

Three Navy Seals face court martial for capturing a top most wanted terrorist and he received a bloody lip. Read that full story here. ***PLEASE SIGN PETITION to dismiss charges against the Navy Seals

U.S. troops battle both Taliban and their own rules
The Times compiled an informal list of the new rules from interviews with U.S. forces. Among them:

• No night or surprise searches.

• Villagers have to be warned prior to searches.

• *ANA or **ANP must accompany U.S. units on searches.

• U.S. soldiers may not fire at the enemy unless the enemy is preparing to fire first.

• U.S. forces cannot engage the enemy if civilians are present.

• Only women can search women.

• Troops can fire at an insurgent if they catch him placing an IED but not if insurgents are walking away from an area where explosives have been laid.

And Most absurd of all, Obama and the leftists want terrorists, or enemy combatants, to receive Miranda rights. I cannot say THEIR Miranda Rights, because as American citizens they are OUR Miranda rights. How ludicrous is it for a foreigner, sworn to their government and in battle with our soldiers, to receive the rights in which our soldiers are dying to protect???

There is one little ray of sunshine in the domestic jihad issue.

James S Robbins of the Washington Times writes: Jihadists take note: The insanity defense may not work for you. On Tuesday, Naveed Haq, a self-styled soldier of Islam, was found guilty of aggravated first-degree murder and seven other counts related to a 2006 shooting rampage in Seattle. The prosecution successfully argued that Haq was a jihadi terrorist on a mission for martyrdom; the defense said that just proved he was crazy. Read More

*ANA- Afghan National Army **ANP- Afghan National Police

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Perversion For a Platform

The National News Agencies report "Houston voters elect openly gay mayor." I don't read anywhere of any other accomplishments from Annise Parker, other than she is gay.

Gay activist groups all over the country were involved in getting Parker elected in Houston. "This election has changed the world for the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered community," Parker said in her speech following the concession of her opponent. Basically, the whole reason she was elected, was for her sexual preference, or as most people see it, a perversion.

The gay community prefers to accuse religious groups, most notably Christians, for opposition to their agenda to spread their propaganda and indoctrination of our children. More correctly, this is NOT a religious issue. Many of whom oppose the gay agenda are not affiliated with any religious groups. It is easier to take on the victim role, as it were, if, however, you have a specific group in which to target, such as Christians, which openly stands against them.

The Gay Political Caucus has strived for decades to make America a Caligula kingdom. They work fervently to inject their perverted lifestyles into schools and communities, aided by supposed neutral groups, like ACLU, opposing any form of religious expression, but, standing on a "freedom" platform. It seems only their views should be "free"and promoted by politicians.

If one was to merely suggest a "Bible" day, or a "Christian" day in Public Schools, their career would be over. A "gay" day was invoked, against federal law, in schools without affording parents the opportunity to opt-out. In fact, legal action was threatened against those parents which chose to keep their children home.

A California Judge's response to the parents that objected to homosexual "lessons" for their children was, "They are bigots."

The parents were represented in California's Alameda Superior Court by Pacific Justice Institute. On Dec. 1, Judge Frank Roesch denied a motion to allow them to have their children excused from the lessons.

According to the group, Roesch blasted the parents for seeking enforcement of a provision of the California Education Code that gives parents a right to opt their kids out of health education.

Education Code Section 51240 allows a parent to have a student excused from instruction, "If any part of a school's instruction in health conflicts with the religious training and beliefs of a parent or guardian of a pupil."

Just as Islamic groups are continuously breaking laws and aided by politicians in their agenda, opposition to the (gay) agenda are viewed and treated as criminals. As in so many cases, political correctness has taken the place of laws on the books, without any congressional hearings.

In the '70's, talk show hosts and journalists exploited gay individuals and proclaimed how "proud" they were for their "coming out of the closet." It is a sexual preference (perversion); What was wrong with it staying in the closet? Or, in their bedrooms? Why is society graced with their perversion?

They counted on our apathy and political correctness to force the will and whims of a few on an entire nation...

Can you imagine demanding special rights based on your heterosexuality (and you are the majority) ?

Can you imagine heterosexual Joe Studdley running for office based on what a fantastic lover he is, as his only qualification???

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kanye Does It Again, This Time Cheered

(DI) March 8, 2010, Last night at the 2010 Academy Awards Kanye West jumped up on stage and snatched the Oscar out of Al Gore's hand, just as he was preparing to give his acceptance speech. West was under great scrutiny whether to be allowed in the award ceremony after a vulgar display of similar proportions at last year's VMA '09 Awards, where he interrupted Taylor Swift's speech.
The Academy decided after great debate to allow West to attend, in light of their outrageous decision to allow Gore to attend, in fear of discriminatory reprisal. West's previous uncouth and low class action against Ms Swift was answered by vast disapproval, even by President Obama, calling him an "A-hole".
Last night, however, Kanye was treated as a hero after he waved Gore's Oscar and yelled, "This is for the Hackers!" West's interruption came as a shock to many as he is a liberal, but, it has been reported many liberals have recently awakened to the enormous deception by the Leftists to "sucker" the ideological citizens to promote their Oligarchy take over of America in hopes of a New World Order.
In other news, President Obama's address to America just prior to the Academy Awards which was televised only on MSNBC, earned the lowest ratings of any televised broadcast of any kind in television history. In light of early released reports of his arrest forthcoming, his speech was watched by seven fewer viewers than the Awards, which now holds the second worst televised rating in history.

Friday, December 4, 2009

And The Nobel Prize Goes To... The Hacker!

Al Gore cancels his Copenhagen lecture where Obama was to sign a treaty with United Nations which would dissolve our Constitutional way of governing.
Gore won an Oscar two years ago for the film, "An Inconvenient Truth", which does nothing more than spout a political ideology couched in a chicken-little 'the sky is falling' format on the looming catastrophe of 'global warming.' The star of the falsified climate numbers now known as 'Climategate' is being pressured by Hollywood conservatives to give up the Oscar he received for a film that perpetrates the hoax.

Global-Warming Theology:
The end is nigh, their god is dead! Belief in global warming had long had a tinge of theology about it, a form of cultism that adherents and defenders elevated to a holy crusade. Read more on (Theology)

The Nobel Prize should be turned over to the hackers... by Al, in a public ceremony.

When the “Cap and Trade” bill was introduced earlier this year, a swarm of scientists from around the world presented factual evidence to the contrary of Al Gore’s claim the world would end and Polar bears will die. Real, reputable, credible scientists pleaded the con of “global warming” with solid, proven facts. I presented videos, interviews, and articles disproving the theory the glaciers were dwindling. Unfortunately, however, most, even many Republicans, chose to believe money and power hungry politicians over science.

But, thanks to hackers, emails were intercepted which definitely and directly exposed the intent to deceive the American public. Whatever it took as long as it finally became accepted, the scam was revealed. A handful of Republicans called for an investigation as to the validity of the “end of the world” farce, which has netted Mr. Gore over $1 billion and a Nobel Peace Prize.

The “Cap and Trade” bill passed Congress with the help of several R.I.N.O.’s. The whole intent of the bill, as is with “Health Care Reform” and Union Labor legislation, is to grease the gears of the “Engine To Socialism”. A consorted effort between elitists, the politicians in their pockets, and corrupt labor bosses, was to gain complete control over large corporations and the American public.

It has been common knowledge for two decades our entitlement programs were robbed by corruption and being depleted at an accelerated rate, totally bankrupting Social Security in a few years. The Unions have been stealing from pension funds to promote their political agendas for years, also common knowledge. They have been “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” for sometime now, anticipating the day when they would have complete control over the nations workforce, without freedom of choice by Americans.

With both the government and the unions in bed together for the purpose of avoiding prosecution for theft of American’s money, they were confident their communist agenda would be reality very soon. With the help of Globalists with deep pockets and strings on virtually every politician in Washington, The New World Order appeared to be immanent. A financial crisis was in order. The decline of the American dollar on a daily basis, almost certainly showed promise toward a complete collapse. With most of the country wondering how they will eat tonight, the global dollar would be introduced with little to no objection.

A crisis was the only answer to cover up the vast corruption. Make people wonder where their next meal is coming from and ANYTHING will be acceptable. Knowing their would be some friction, the leftists began smear campaigns against every conservative and public airwaves which had an opposing view. Deny, deny, deny. Call names and throw dirt through every medium possible while RUSHING as many bills and issues possible so as to keep everyone so busy they cannot catch up. Right in the middle of one campaign, another issue pops up, and another, and another, until it was virtually impossible to focus on both hands. “Watch this hand” while I rob you with the other.

The scoundrels are being exposed. Charges will be brought against some to “get release” but the real perpetrators, like Al Gore, will slither off and fade away, as they will become a total embarrassment to those of whom were taken in and will save their pride any further assault.

I am confident people will continue to awaken and discern from those who truly care and those looking to line their pockets with our lives, and our children's future. In addition to returning all awards and at least (performing) an official public apology, I am calling for restitution to be made concerning all moneys gained through this hoax, especially tax gains and support.