Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Engine To Socialism

“I owe those unions ... When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I don’t mind feeling obligated.” -- President Barack Obama “The Audacity of Hope”

Attention! This is not 'spewing rhetoric' as is coming from the promoters of these programs. Rather, these are facts you will not hear from 'liberal' media which defends Socialism...check into these agendas, get the facts, and you decide!

Card check organizing eliminates the secret ballot for union organizing elections and replaces it with an abuse-ridden process in which the votes of workers are made public to union organizers.

The threat of passage of card check forced unionism legislation – fraudulently named the “Employee Free Choice Act” – is becoming greater by the day. The union bosses know that American workers increasingly reject union “representation” when they have a choice.

The union bosses desperately want new members. They need a massive influx of new dues revenue to pay for their financially troubled pension funds and for their ever-more-costly and ambitious political activities. But they can’t get these workers into their ranks anymore through the less-abusive secret ballot election. The union bosses’ only option is a dramatic expansion of their coercive power. They must force employees into union ranks.

You should also know card check legislation is only one step in the union bosses’ plan to fully exploit their new political clout. Big Labor is also pushing to...

1. force companies to fire workers who worked during a strike – something companies have not been compelled do for 70 years.

2. blacklist employers and employees from all federal contracts unless they unionize or agree to allow card check unionization drives.

3. raise taxes on companies that insist on defending employees’ access to a secret ballot election.

4. force police and firefighters across the nation to be unionized -- opening the door for strikes that hold vital public services hostage. If you remember, it was a threat to the unions when Reagan began firing striking Air traffic controllers in the '80's.

5. repeal Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act, thereby eliminating all 22 state Right to Work laws that make union affiliation voluntary – the cornerstone of workplace freedom in America.

It all comes down to control, of workers to fortify the union bosses and voters to fortify the liberal agenda...Socialism.

The chart below is the exact chart the Democrats are using to map out the bureaucracy red tape and various agencies will be necessary to operate Obamacare.

In order to run all this it will cripple many small businesses either through the extra tax burden, or fees and fines they will be forced to pay if they do not participate. That's just for starters. The taxes for all through employment or otherwise will escalate. The whole thing will be run by the IRS. As of 10/19/09, here is the current bill presented by Sen. Baucus and the Senate Finance Committee (PDF).

Right now, anywhere in America, whether you are legal to be in this country, or not, you are not denied the best medical care possible, regardless of capability to pay. When leaders of other countries, which have Socialized medicine, need special care they come to America.

In Canada, where they have had government health care, people with immediate needs come to America for care. It does not matter how severe the need, you will be placed on a list for months waiting to see a doctor. If your pregnancy develops any special needs, you will be out of luck, as America is where women in Canada have to come if they have complications.

Bureaucratic regulators will need to decide what care you will receive. It is up to them whether you or your problem is worth the time and expense. Just give a listen to Betsy McCaughey. Patient Advocate and Founder of the Committee to Reduce Invectious Deaths. The elderly will be considered for euthanasia rather than "waste" money and resources best spent on the thousands in line.

Obama has out right lied about the benefits, the payment, and virtually all aspects of government health care. Just look how smooth all services involving the government have run thus far, like Medicare, which inefficiency and cost overrun has contributed to the health care problem in America. The loss of jobs will be vast.

And not last, and certainly not least, is the "Cap and Trade" or more popularly called "Cap and Tax". This is the Democrat engineered bill that will Cap our freedoms and Trade off our sovereignty. If we were not already facing financial disaster and none of the above programs were implemented, Cap and Trade would still do irreparable damage to America.

We are told we NEED Cap and Trade to save the globe from certain disaster as pollution is ensuring our demise. The whole "global warming" issue was not an alert from a group of scientists that made a fantastic discovery. No, it was initiated by a failed politician, Al Gore, who shares the same global agenda as Obama.

Al Gore made a film which was passed off as a documentary, wrote a book, and gave several speaking engagements devoted to a theory that the planet will be destroyed if we do not incorporate guidelines which begin to cripple some industries and send others overseas immediately. More loss of jobs, on top of a nearing 10% unemployment rate. China and India have both declared they will not take part in any program to resolve the carbon issues of the globe. They are by far the largest contributors to carbon levels in the atmosphere.

We have been led to believe by "POLITICIANS" that do not conserve, Cap and Trade must be initiated NOW!!! to save the planet, regardless of its consequences in an already troubled economy. The following are links to hear from responsible, respected scientists on whether we are actually heading for disaster.

Climate Change: Is CO2 The Cause? Part 1
Climate Change: Is CO2 The Cause? Part 2
Climate Change: Is CO2 The Cause? Part 3
Climate Change: Is CO2 The Cause? Part 4

Regardless what you believe or have been convinced of climate control, the debate could be acknowledged at least, but, the only view you will see in normal media will be that of Gore's and the [Liberal] agenda of the left. They call themselves liberals, but, their agenda is anything but.

Al Gore has been all over Europe this past week giving speeches promoting his global warming plan and "Global Governance" as he calls it. Mr. Gore owns controlling stock in several companies which will profit hugely from the Cap and Trade program. It is said Gore, among others like Donald Trump, will make Billions.

The American people, however, will suffer greatly. It is a fact, all energy costs, including utility bills, will "Sky-rocket" as Obama himself puts it. Obama states we all must sacrifice. Well, that does not include Obama, or any of his cronies, but, the American citizens, including the zombies he has convinced it is for their good.

Tucked into the Cap and Trade bill behind closed doors at 3:00 AM was many little side benefits to people like Barny Frank (D-MA). Barny has managed to rationalize Mortgage assistance for those who may not be able to afford it, once again, through an "energy credit" to Fannie Mae. Another particularly interesting point I thought was the fact you may not sell your home until government inspectors make sure it is energy approved. If not, you will have to pay to make it energy approved before you can sell it.

All the "pork" and special interest funds to sway voters is nothing compared to the devastating effect this bill will have on business and jobs. Industries which may not comply with the stringent regulations will receive credit to MOVE OVERSEAS.

The exuberant tax and costs related to fuel (including groceries) will devastate an already troubled "climate". Together, with the massive loss of jobs from Cap and Tax and Obamacare and the controlled job market from the (compassionate) mob, I mean union bosses, will tip the scales.

You would think, in an already stressed economy, and $1.8 Trillion deficit, all this and the panic hurry to get it passed RIGHT NOW would be an alarm to most, but, it's not. Very few, relatively, see the complete foolishness which will leads to the final retiring of our sovereignty.
“We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev

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  1. Socialists don't know they are useful idiots. Lenin said it best, "The goal of socialism is communism."