Friday, July 31, 2009

President Labels Crowley/Gates "Learning Experience"

Barack Hussein Obama held his "Beer Summit" yesterday. Obama sat down in the White House garden with Sgt. James Crowley and Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., after a week of much controversy. During a prime-time press conference last Friday evening, the Harvard educated presumed President stated he didn't "Know all the facts" in the case, but, still rushed to make a judgement, "The Cambridge Police acted stupidly."

Sgt Crowley responded to a 9-1-1 call regarding a "Burglary in Progress" at Gates' home in Cambridge, Mass. last Thursday. Upon arrival the officer observed a black male inside the residence where as the front door had been made forced entry. Standard Police procedure on any scene is to acquire identification, even from the complainants.

Procedures and policies are put in place to protect the public and the Police Officers safety. A Police Officer does the best he can through training and education to assess a situation, but, certain things cannot be ascertained until further investigation, like proof of who you say you are in a house which has been made forced entry. Sgt. Crowley simply followed that procedure.

At that point, the Harvard professor(?) had a choice to make. Does he do the reasonable thing and merely show his i.d. and give a calm explanation of the events, or does he act irrational and defensive? The professor chose the latter. The professor immediately began accosting the officer, "Why, because I'm black?" and spewing "Yo Mama" ghetto talk. "This is what happens to a black man in America," says Gates. Actually, this is what happens to anyone, if a Police Officer is doing his job correctly. Gates' reaction is what is happening to America.

Sgt Crowley stayed calm and waited for back-up to arrive. The professor was asked to step outside of the residence, again, standard procedure, as we still have not ascertained your purpose for being in the residence. But, this outraged the professor even further, accusing the officers of "Taking the word of a white woman over a black man."

Still, the officers are unable to investigate the true nature of what really occurred at this residence so they can be on their way to the next call and help someone actually in need. The professor hindered their investigation, and now creating a disturbance as people began gathering to see what was the matter. The officers would be in trouble and you would be outraged if they neglected their job and left on the word of the man inside your house, even if he has i.d. with that address, as it could be a domestic disturbance and Gates did not belong in the house. All facts must be obtained for the report.

However, even after several warnings and attempts by the officers to defuse the situation, Gates was out of control with his loud racial rants. The officers had no choice but to arrest the man, by procedure. Gates was not entrapped, he was not treated differently because of his race, and was given every opportunity to cease and desist. View arrest report

I have been all over different media sources and the rants from the left regarding this incident has become just as out-of-control as Gates himself. The facts have been totally disregarded and Crowley remains the "bad guy". Also dragged into the mix was the lady that originally made the 9-1-1 call. She received thousands of hateful responses and even threats, labeling her as a racist, when all she did was report a suspicious activity.
Gates' own daughter, Elizabeth (accompanied him to WH) wrote a critical article in The Daily Beast, where she accuses Crowley of falsifying the report.

This is what has been "Learned" as Obama puts it. The true nature of this highly publicized racial incident has been swept under the rug. Cop haters, whitey haters, conservative (or anyone with morals) haters, are all in their glory and have been fueled with purpose, thanks to our nation's leader. Obama had a perfect opportunity to address a very real racial problem, especially since he jumped on the racial wagon himself.

Obama could have 'maned-up' and pointed out his rush to judgement was incorrect and fueled the wrong energy over the situation. Instead, when he was alerted by his advisers it was not a 'profiling' case, the President made the public statement his "Words could have been calibrated better." That was it. That was all was said regarding the blatant disregard for the truth and all the racial flare from the left. There was already a portion of the population with a strong degree of hate and rebellion for authority. The president could have defused that and contributed to a real learning experience, toward a more healthy America. Instead, he fueled the racism.

If not for audio tapes and witnesses, Obama and Gates would have crucified Sgt Crowley. There would have been rallies in the steets, by all black activist groups seeking not only Crowley's dismissal, but, criminal charges resulting in the ruin of an honest cop's life. Instead, the silent war rages on which will set up even more racial division, when Obama could have made a positive difference.

What else would be an educated guess as to how he would have handled it? All who know the facts about Obama were not the least bit surprised. He did whatever it took to not expose his blatant racism, and true nature, contrary to the 'make-up' and teleprompter Obama you see on the theatre stage.

***The Justice Department's decision to drop an already-won voter-intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party merits multiple, independent investigations.

On Tuesday, Rep. Frank R. Wolf, Virginia Republican, officially asked Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to refile the case. Mr. Holder should comply. So far, the Justice Department has stonewalled legitimate inquiry. Read More on this issue

Senator Obama uses U.S. tax dollars to fly to Kenya to campaign for cousin Raila Odinga, a tyrant who lost a democratic election, so he burned out and killed the Christian opposition.

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