Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obama Stands With Tyrants

Dictators and demagogues can rest easy on President Obama's watch. When thousands of Iranians flooded the streets of Tehran protesting a rigged election and were beaten and shot down by pro-regime thugs, the president bided his time before making a series of noncommittal statements. He seemed to hope it would all just go away. However, when a socialist demagogue was ejected unceremoniously from Honduras on Sunday by his own government for trying to establish a presidency for life, Mr. Obama instantly sprang to his defense.

What happened in Honduras was not a military coup. Honduras has a civilian president, Roberto Micheletti, a member of former President Manuel Zelaya's own Liberal Party, who was elevated to the post after Mr. Zelaya was removed. The army did not seize power, but acted as the elected government's instrument in ousting Mr. Zelaya, who was well on his way to subverting the Honduran constitution and erecting a dictatorship. Read full story by James S Robbins / Washington Times.

Last night, a friend of mine who lives in Honduras asked me to pray for her people as they would be going out into the streets tomorrow protesting the return of Zelaya to their country. As she made the request to me I was taken by a feeling of shame. I had to realize it was our presumed President Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, who was mostly responsible for Zelaya being returned to Honduras against the will of the people.

Our own President calls the action taken by the Honduras Government a "coup"; this is where an opposing faction or revolutionaries take over a government by force. Zelaya was removed by his own government. It was unanimously done by their Supreme Court and Congress as Zelaya was attempting to become a dictator in the same way his friend Chavez is taking control of Venezuela, another one of Obama's friends.

When Iranians were being brutally beaten and killed for protesting a corrupt election, Obama stated he did not want to "meddle" in their affairs. When an attempted dictatorship is run out of a democratic government, Obama wasted no time to speak out against the people and assist in his return in every diplomatic way possible. How can this be happening? This is America, which has stood for and responsible for almost every democracy in the free world.

We see Obama's only relationships prior to the White House are anti-American, communist, and muslim. All of his relationships, from childhood (mother belonged to radical groups) through adolescence, where his mentor was a communist. Ayers (terrorist), Rev. Wright (God D--- America) and Chicago criminals. He used U.S. tax dollars to fund his trips to Kenya, calling it Senate "fact finding" missions. The actual purpose of the trips was to get his tyrannical cousin Raylla Odinga placed as President. Odinga lossed a democratic election. He was not happy with the outcome and with the assistance of muslim terrorists burned out Christians and killed opposition leaders.

There is no reasonable answer as to why our presumed President would side with a would-be dictator over an entire country. There is no rational explanation as to why it seems to be generally acceptable to the American people. Michele Obama made the very clear statement she was proud of America "For the first time" in her life, during the campaign. I must say, even after the shameful Clinton scandals, I have been ashamed of my country, for the first time, since these horrible people have occupied our White House.

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