Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Tread On Me

more about "Don't Tread On Me", posted with vodpod Get Involved! It is your country. It is being misused and abused. Don't let the agenda of a few hundred elitists form a new type of government for our children and grandchildren. This one has served us just fine. Now it's time for us to serve it. As John F Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." *Be informed! Don't rely on a false ideology. Don't entrust your country to a non-patriotic group which has every intention of destroying our democracy to fulfill their Global agenda. Many are already aware, and taking action to relay the peaceful message... "This is our country." *Ignorance is bliss, for the enemy. At least, stay informed. You may find a Tea Party group in your area, or by querying your favorite search engine. Or, you may go to the 912 Project page where daily updates and useful resources are available. For more information on Bilderberg, Trilateral and the Federal Reserve watch "The Obama Deception" on this page, or read the following articles. This is not wacky conspiracy theory; these are facts. The agenda of a few hundred elitists is to cripple our country in favor of a global power, for the control of funds worldwide. They tried to complete the task with Carter, but, Ronald Reagan put our country back together. They picked up the torch again with Bush, Clinton, and George W.; now, Obama. *We have the right to the truth, and the privilege to choose... if we make the right choice.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Laws Are For Us

Whether you believe it, or not, the Bill of Rights was written for us. It was to protect us, the people, from falling into the same tyranny from which our ancestors came. They knew the detailed politics and corruption of power as they lived it. We are in our little comfort zones and rely on power hungry individuals to lead us right back to the same tyranny.

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If we do not let our vision get clouded by the rhetoric which is intended to blind us, we can focus on the intent of the founding fathers of this country. The Constitution has been butchered throughout the years, but, none so much as has been the case in the last few months. The original laws were written for our protection. Now comes a group, hungry for power, who will convince us the original law is not for our good and must be changed. They will do this all in the name of patriotism, their care for this country.

Patriotism is the exact opposite of what is going on. But, as we love our comfort, we would rather entrust our future to individuals which never had our needs or concerns at heart. We don't wish to be bothered. We elected a President to take care of our concerns. Wrong! We elected a President based on an ideal. The ideals which were projected by this production team were non-existent. We fell in love with a movie star, in effect, who should receive the Academy Award for Best Actor every year he remains in office.

The concerns of this administration should be obvious to those who are no longer in that 'teen-in-love' mentality. If you are hypnotized by the 'politically correct' idealism, which misled so many to do the worse thing possible for this country, then you still believe the Obama cult will take care of you.

Can you not see their agenda. Regardless of how bad things are, they are worried about guns; not guns in the possession of criminals. The Democrats, and even several Republicans, are mostly concerned of honest citizen's guns. During the campaign, Obama claimed to be Christian. He also claimed he would do nothing that would cause the NRA to be concerned. But, when in San Francisco, he was bold enough to make a public statement, disparaging of Christians, "Who cling to their Bible and their guns". Yet, many Christians voted for this man, who stands for everything against the Christian belief.

This administration has broken dozens of our laws and we choose to ignore it. Nobody has a problem with it. Many people voted for him because they knew he was corrupt. That's right. They knew he was a pot head, he still smokes, and he has had nothing but communist and anti-American friends. So, think about how many groups that list of interests falls under. If you wanted a President that would take care of all your concerns, without you being bothered, why did you vote for the one who doesn't care about your concerns?

Obama was not even born in this country...the first requirement to be President. There was a good reason for that law. The founding fathers knew, now matter how much they seem to care, a person who has not the birth connection, lacks the same respect for our country we have. Insisting on American birth prevents a foreign interest from planting a perfect actor (spy) in the leadership role of this great nation.

We have also disregarded the numerous laws grossly violated in the handling of our tax dollars. The Democrats have gone insane as they have no one to answer to in regards to spending. Again, we would rather choose to ignore and keep having blind faith this man is a genius and he won't ruin generations to come. They are not that stupid, however. They are planning ahead for when the American people have had enough. They do not plan to have a silly 'few million' citizens get in their way. Already, people are beginning to protest, but, most choose to go back to twittering. The Dems will continue to convince them, "We are doing this for your own good, we love you".

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's In Your Wallet?

Yesterday morning, China's government called for a global currency. Immediately, Timothy Geithner, Obama administration's Treasury Secretary, made a hasty, public statement agreeing with China. China made the statement as their confidence in the American dollar has diminished. Geithner made his bumbling response from the heart, as this is the administration's agenda. After being snatched into conference, Geithner then retorted his own slip-of-the-tongue with another public statement: that's not what he meant.
Right under the American 'nose', Obama is pulling off the biggest deception ever made on such a large scale. Not that he is the mastermind. Obama is a talking suit. The charisma needed to sell the agenda of Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission; a relative small group of power hungry elitists intent to devise a New World Order. Almost every major country throughout the world has jumped on the 'band wagon' thinking there is something in it for them.
Anybody in their right mind would know, that by printing worthless dollars (Trillions) with no gold to back them, is a disaster for an already failing economy. Anybody in their right mind could calculate 'the end justifies the means' is the Obama administration stand on all the (wrong) actions it is taking, supposedly to correct the economical 'crisis'. The problem, which the people of America do not understand, is the 'end' result is the agenda of the few, to which, we have given power. They are beside themselves with glee for how easily they have managed to get this far, so soon.
The exact thing this group needed to distract the American people long enough to manipulate the markets and devise the financial collapse, was Barack Obama, someone "We can believe in". Obama stated in his prime time press conference he was flat out against the global dollar, when he has made numerous public statements praising the idea. Most 'cult' followers of Obama do not question why he still campaigns. He won; he is President. Why is he spending most of his time and energy planning for, and carrying out, public relations campaigns? Normally, we would be screaming out our objection to a President which is not glued to his office, working diligently on a crisis hitting all Americans.
Zbigniew Brzezinski is the key figure behind the agendas of Bilderberg and Trilateral at the present time. Obama outright lied about his association with Brzezinski during the campaign. The Democrats spent millions of dollars on a P R campaign to smear all who questioned this. It is all about fooling the blind masses, and they know how to do that. Come off as a savior and promise many gifts to those with their hands out.
Obama declared their would be nobody in his administration connected to lobbying or special interest groups. This was a key factor for many who voted for him. The key figures in his Cabinet are all former Lobbyists. Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, was the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank. Most Americans believe, as I did at one time, The Federal Reserve Bank is of the Federal government. It is in fact a privately run bank, which makes the vital decisions designed to manipulate our economy, for better or for worse. It answers to no one.
All the cosmetic efforts to revive the economy have been orchestrated to instill false confidence for the time being. It is working like a charm. People who would normally have better sense, are falling for this post hypnotic suggestion, "Yes We Can". The exact opposite measures are being taken that are required to actually cure the ills of the banking system, but, few question the idiocy. The few which do, are immediately slandered with an all out smear campaign. The Democrats have always claimed to be for free speech and rights of Americans. This is true, as long as you agree with them. Anybody who disagrees with their agenda is silenced. Thus far, it has been accomplished by ruining lives and swaying public opinion through deception.
As soon as the Dems took complete power over Washington and the world, the first order of business was to silence the opposition, by pondering laws which would shut down all conservative broadcasts, such as Rush Limbaugh. Just as the gay organizations have lobbied for laws which appear to be designed to address one issue, but, down the road serve another; the Democrats and Republicans, alike, have been implementing laws for one cause, but, meant for ultimate plans. Like sheep led to slaughter, the American public has placed its trust in a few, of which whom, have been planning for decades, how to collapse the banking system and the dollar. The ultimate result would have to be a global dollar to replace it.
The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was presenting his 'global' plan to Congress two weeks ago, at the invite of Obama. Brown received a standing ovation. Groups are forming, and growing daily, in opposition to the plans to cripple our country, so as to carry out the will of a few. Most Americans, however, are shrugging off the efforts to thwart the tyrants. Most Americans are just going on with their everyday activities, such as twittering, and don't wish to be bothered. Very shortly, a major financial collapse will take place in this country. Many people who were suckered back into the phony market gains, will be ruined.
There will be so much chaos in the financial institutes, they will all be shut down. The phony bailout money, already disbursed into strategic locations will enable the few to continue to negotiate their plans. Only when it hits them in the face like a pie, will Americans then be forced to act. By that time, resistance will be futile. Many will give their lives to fight the tyranny. Others will be taken to the many "Containment Camps" already set up on military bases all over the country. Designed in the fashion of Gitmo, the prison for terrorists, they were constructed under the guise of disaster relief, by FEMA and The Dept. of Homeland Security. Check it out. This is a fact.
Obama has called back Military personnel and civilian security forces have been established. The preparation for civil unrest was initiated before Obama was even elected. Nobody, but, nobody has had a problem with a resume of social worker to junior Senator to President. He speaks well to a teleprompter. He is unable to speak from his heart, as he is just an actor, selling his role. His role was to swoon and distract the public from the actual events taking place. That is all he does. He is not in our oval office right now. As I am writing this, he is on his way to another town meeting. When asked serious questions, he either gets aggrevated or laughs nervously, and with indifference. In the past, we would be collectively outraged. Now we are collectively hypnotized. Most will never read this article or any like it. Most view these facts as vicious propaganda attacks against their messiah. I'll bet the most used quote between Obama and Brzezinski is, "Ignorance is bliss".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Draw The Line With Our Children

We can play the rhetoric game with the liberals when it comes to finances, foreign affairs, and weakening our position as the most powerful country in the world. However, the proverbial line must be drawn when it comes to gambling with our children's welfare. The policies of the Democratic agenda may ruin the strength of this country, but, the events of the day are prophetic and cannot be stopped. We have an unselfish responsibility to our children, and when the liberal agenda starts affecting them, it is time for our voice to be heard.
Congress will approve the controversial use of Lexapro on children. Lexapro has been lobbying for its more widespread use and being investigated for bribes and kickbacks. Now the Democrats intend to pass the measure lifting restrictions of its use in children, regardless of the facts. What are the significance of the facts, when there are monetary gains. The drug lords to be feared are not the ones south of the border. Whenever the issue arises regarding the corrupt relationship between the pharmaceutical companies and our law makers, it is quickly swept back under the rug. In the same way Fanny Mae was in the pockets of the senators, so are the drug companies.
There are so many who worship the makers of Ritalin, which the use of in our children is
astounding. It seems a doctor does not prescribe Ritalin, but, teachers do. If a child has the misfortune of acting out, as children often do, a teacher which is unqualified to deal with their behavior can place them on drugs, so they will be more submissive. Drugs are not always the answer. Liberals believe it is the way to implement non-aggressive force of their will to make society comply. They know it is human nature to rebel if something stings our life and doesn't seem right. For them, it is not about the people, but, about what is good for the government, which needs to control the people.
Anything that leads away from our Christian principals and morals will do just fine. We are led to believe that we are bucking the system if we have a problem with how the system is adversely effecting our society. We are to be part of the 'herd' or we are politically incorrect. 'Conform or be cast out' is the mass hypnotic suggestion which has been our driving force in recent years. Politics is a con job, at best, but, the intent of the great men which whom sacrificed their lives, was so we could live our lives free from a dictatorship. As with any out of control power structure, we are being led right back to the very life our founding fathers fled from, for the greed of few.
Chances are, in the next few days, you will see Elizabeth Gershoff, Ph.D., as she is hitting the airwaves promoting her latest research. Operating on a grant, she has wasted more money to inform us spanking is detrimental to children. First, I thought that issue was covered several decades ago...the whole "Time Out" thing. Never mind, there are more studies showing spanking is healthy, and is not traumatic as some misled psychologists, such as Gershoff, would have you believe. This campaign by Gershoff, and that's exactly what it is, comes on the heals of the Lexapro approval. Coincidence? I don't believe so. There will be a vast majority of the 'herd' rushing to convince their Pediatrician their child should be on Lexapro. The complete data regarding the recent history of the drug company will be deflected as much as millions of dollars in bribes and marketing will allow.
Spanking is Biblical (spare the rod, spoil the child). Nobody who was spanked, in the correct way, as a child suffers from the memory. Studies have proven over and over the contrary. However, so many will disregard those who share my point of view, in favor of the 'herd'. Ten years from now, if we are still around, we will be hearing of the shocking results of new studies which show Lexapro dangerous. The Democrats will be blaming everyone else, the 'herd' will believe it, and a former Taliban general, converted, will be running for President with no problems or questions of his, or her, past. The republicans will be dismissing their campaign manager for making the public statement, "He isn't Patriotic".
Maybe some of these Wall street and banking executives should have been spanked!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Blame Game: Feedback

I have decided to repost this video which I originally posted a couple of weeks ago on this page as I have received so much feedback on the page my videos are kept. I couldn't post all comments, as this post would have used all my space up. I've never received feedback such as this before. Only two comments out of dozens were in favor of the Dems, but as you will see, they contradict themselves, naturally. These comments are uncensored and unedited.

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Edward Snyder:
I want to thank each and every one who commented here, even the few who would deny a snake if it bit them, which it has. I am going to publich all comments on the page where this was originally posted, Data Integrity @ ; Thanks again and God Bless you

Catherine Pinoo commented on this video
This started with good intentions and the standards got lowered. The banks were threatened with sanctions if quotas were not met. The Democrats all voted no when Republicans (Secretary, President, McCain, senators, congressmen) brought a bill requesting investigation of Freddie and Fannie. It is arrogant not to permit such investigation. It also was a cover-up of those who acted dishonorably. They will be punished. Of course, they don't think so, because several of them led the recent press converences blaming the they led the Republicans, who all voted for the investigation.
Nice work here obfuscating the entire issue. The reason Republicans are getting bent out of shape in this video is because they finally had a scandal without "R's" all over it. The accounting scandal in 2004 at Fannie Mae was minor (6 billion dollars over 4 years on annual revenue over 40 billion) and had nothing to do with the current meltdown. Fannie Mae didn't even start buying sub-prime mortgages until Daniel Mudd came to power. Mortgages through FHA and secured by Fannie Mae have outperformed (defaulted less frequently) than the industry average independent of borrower income level. Stop trying to blame the credit problem on poor people and Fannie Mae - they got caught up in this mess, they didn't start it.

The problem was the same as the one that lead to the 1929 crash: overleveraged investors. Bear Sterns was leveraged 35:1 - so was Merrill and Lehman Bros. Add that to AIG having no regulation on their credit default swaps (i.e. they couldn't cover their insurance obligations) and a complete lifting of commodities regulations thanks to Phil Gramm, and you had a market that was going to crash at the first hint of a problem.

Don't get me wrong, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should have been regulated better, but existing regulation wasn't functioning according to existing law in 2004 - that's why there was an accounting problem, and that's why Rep. Meeks was grilling the regulator. The caterwauling of the Republicans in this hearing is pure political theater. They never liked Fannie and Freddie because they are a progressive action of government - i.e. they try to extend wealth building opportunity to lower income levels. Of course, it is possible for corruption to take place, but if the regulators had done their jobs, even the minor accounting problems uncovered in 2004 would have been caught earlier.

By the way, the accounting practices at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were industry standard even though they are somewhat deceptive.
Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis. At a 2004 hearing see Democrat after Democrat covering up and attacking the regulators
franksfile commented on this video

niecy commented on this video
We sit here and watch this hearing and can see for ourselves exactly how F/M and F/M brought us into the housing crisis. We have all dems. saying nothing is wrong while the repubs keep call for regulation. Now it's possible that the dems could have majoirty in Congress aided by a dem. Speaker, dem. Majority Leader and dem. President. I believe the only reason the dem. party wanted Hillary to step down is so that they could "select" a candidate of their choosing, someone with literally no experience so they can use him as their puppet. WAKE UP AMERICA and give this one some thought to what this would mean. I am a registered democrat of 40 plus years but it won't be so this election. Obama has me leary and a democratic Congress has me scared. Checks and balances are hard enough to keep some control but without that there's no controlling anything that is done in Washington.....Think carefully and vote wisely because it is our only chance of hanging on to some control.

Are the Republicans really to blame for our current economic crisis? Could it have been prevented? What happened back in 2004?

How did the U.S. Congress cause this financial meltdown? The American banking system was forced and browbeat by Democrats, and a few Republicans in Congress to lend mortgage money to people who had not financial wherewithal to repay the loans. To not allow indigent people to buy homes was considered unfair by the overseer of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank and the powerful "Community Organizer" group A.C.O.R.N. With the congressional mandated sub-prime mortgages came unprecidented surges in home values. President George Bush in 2003, Allen Greenspan in 2005, Senator John McCain in 2006, and other Republicans repeatedly warned of the grave financial dangers of this tack and demanded new regulations, but Americans liked having their homes increase in value because of all the new "unqualified" buyers in the housing market. Homeowners signed on for second mortgages and home equity loans on their more valuable homes, so voters sided with the Democrats to let the housing market run wild. Former President Bill Clinton even specifically condemned the Congressional Democrats for this behavior, but no one listened. These sub-prime mortgages were bundled and sold for tremendous profits and investors worried little about them because they were insured by the U.S. taxpayer's Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The editor of the Wall Street Journal warned the Congress how dangerous and corrupt were the practices of the CEO of Countrywide Home Loans and others, and was slapped down as a know-nothing.

Catherine Pinoo commented on this video
end of last sentence incorrect - it should read: conferences blaming the Republicans who all voted for the investigation. Did you notice in the press conferences that the Republicans just stated the facts and the Democrats always placed blame before making comments about the bill.

Blue Collar Muse
Democrats publicly saying Freddie and Fannie are FINE!! No need to worry!! But GOP was calling for oversight and regulation. It was Dems who denied it. But Pelosi wants to blame the GOP ...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Breaking News: Things Aren't As Bad As They Seem

This just in: President Barack Obama has just announced that the economy is not as bad as we, the American citizens, were mistakenly believing. President Obama dropped everything he had on his agenda to share this insider information with the public, so we would not worry needlessly for one more second than necessary. The President shared a bit of wisdom to reporters, "Things are never as bad as they seem, and they are never as good as they seem."

All Americans should be breathing a sigh of relief. Wait! What was that comment with which the President followed up? "We didn't know the underlying factors two(2) years ago that led up to this", the President announced. Hold up with the party favors, Gladys!. Maybe the optimism President Obama is sharing with us is just as misleading as his continual blame confusion. He is getting more clever as to how and when to slip in the mass hypnotic suggestions. I can hear the voices all around the country. "That's right, you tell 'em Barack. It's not as bad as those fools thought."

The fact that the stock market has gained a few hundred points in the last three days is hardly the sign of a steady trend of recovering the two thousand or so lost in the last 50 days. We can only hope it does, which is what Obama is doing.

Judging the health of the economy by the stock market is like judging a person's wealth by their credit score!!!

The facts that led up to this point, of which our President speaks, were the facts Senator McCain and other Republicans attempted to introduce to then Senator Obama and his Democratic accomplices. The many facts and evidential documents produced were shrugged off with angry screams of "Witch hunt" and "Lynch mob" from the Dems, adamantly defending the director of Fanny Mae.

President Obama also commented today, the fundamentals of the economy are sound. Yes! That is exactly what he said. If you remember, during the campaign, when Senator McCain made the exact same statement, Barack Obama repeated it over and over for days... "It just shows how out of touch he is", replied Obama. Well, politicians have never been accused of having integrity, but, once again, Obama is rubbing the dirt in our face with a "na-na-na-na-na".

Recently, the President's approval rating has dropped approximately 9% to 59% over all. While that doesn't sound like much, it is highly unusual for any new administration; 9% of millions, which previously approved, is a lot of people. These are the people, of which whom, voted for Mr. Obama on idealistic fantasies, and are now waking up. The rest are just holding onto their stubbornness. Even the extremely low income, impoverished citizens should not want to walk down this road of Socialism. During the campaign, when an incident arose where the Patriotism of the Democratic nominee was questioned, outrage abound from every talking head on every news channel for days. The truth is, there is nothing Patriotic about what the Dems are doing with these so-called stimulus packages. They have clearly put there own desires in front of what is best for our Nation. This was obvious from the get-go to most. Some clearly do not care. But, Heaven forbid we call a spade a spade and dare say aloud, "None of these attempts are Constitutional!"

I have to admit, if nothing else, President Obama is consistent. He never lets an opportunity escape to blame someone else, and he never misses an opportunity to get in front of the cameras. Only, if he would have refrained from making so many public comments recently, the markets may not have fallen so badly, due to lack of confidence. We plead with you, Mr. President, stay in your office and work hard on the situation, rather than talking about it to the cameras. You just may accidentally find a solution, which would be much more productive than your visibility.

For video of the Dems refusing to hear the evidence against Fanny and Freddy two years ago, please see the posts "The Blame Game" and "The Facts the Liberal Media Would Not Air" on this page.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Transparent Administration?!

We were told of a different kind of government. "CHANGE" was the ongoing message to the point of nausea. "We can do it!" was drilled into us as the blame game hypnotized us. Like zombies with no thought process we streamed into the polls and elected what many called "Our Messiah". The empty promise of a "Transparent administration" rang out to the ears of those who thought the days of 'conspiracy theory' government was over...he loves us.
Of coarse, he is Barack Obama. Like a 'player' who swoons his victims until he gets them in bed, we were romanced with promise after promise. To date, just approximately two months into his reign, there has been several major decisions implemented into being. None of which have been discussed in an open forum, let alone displayed for public consideration. All of which, have major effects and consequences on our lives. The perverted stand on gay rights and abortion was placed on the White House website seconds after the inauguration. Hours after the man was placed in office, orders were given to implement the will of his cronies to close Gitmo. Days into his reign as emperor, a Liberal spending plan was forced down our throats from behind closed doors, which tops all spending plans in the past. Yesterday, our President signs into law a bill that will lift all restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.
As for the bad budget decisions, what did we expect. The community organizer is throwing our proverbial chips in the air and hoping they'll land favorably. But, when the man states science supersedes all moral implications and he is doing the will of the majority of Americans, where do we finally question the integrity(joke) of this administration? The zombies are still walking around stating we need to give him a chance, he has only been in office two months. That is not looking at the 'cup half full' optimism. That is mindless denial. He has only been in office two months and look at how the old way of government has "Changed". NOT!!!
Even though, many experts are stating adult stem cell research is much more promising, Obama has ignored all his promises and all data on the subject and forced the will of the few on the majority. He states the majority of Americans want to destroy embryos for questionable results. He didn't quite say it exactly that way, but, that is exactly the reality of it. Did I miss a vote while I was taking a nap? Was my cellphone signal weak when they called to poll me? Where is he getting the statistic from. Last I read on the subject, most of Americans are against the idea of embryo manipulation and cloning.
Just as the marriage issue was voted on and the people rejected gay marriage, the will of the people is ignored. Not to mention the Will of God, as Obama claims to be a Christian. The last thing we need is more population without souls. We have chosen to take over the role of creator, as we accuse God of not getting it right. Mr Obama should quit going around the country campaigning and get down to serious business. Is he aware the inauguration meant he won the office? We should not even hear from him as he is so busy working on the mess our government has aloud. It is not all the fault of George Bush, which got us here. In fact, most of the blame, if not all, lies with the Democrats which whom had Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac in their pockets.
Now we are going down the steady road to Socialism. It is probably to the point where it cannot be turned around for years to come. The Dems see it as we cannot take care of ourselves; we do not have the capacity to make our own decisions. We need to give them most of our incomes so they can build a government big enough to regulate everything for our lives. We are so confused we give all the power to the wrong people for the wrong reasons. The data was not complete on Barack Obama, but, what data we had suggested his integrity was questionable, too say the least. We chose to ignore the information available to us, because it was so politically correct to elect a black man into office. I can name three black men in the political realm which would have been much more reliable for the job of running the (former) superpower of the globe. I can name a plumber who, while not black, would have had equal qualifications for the job. After all, we are getting our pipes cleaned by Obama.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Facts the Liberal Media Would Not Air (Integrity?)

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The Blame Game: Do Not Pass 'Go'

It has been thirty years or so since I last played Monopoloy, the board game. Most of us have played it at one time, or another (or many times). If you just played it once in your life, or maybe not at all, the chances are better than good you have heard the expression related to picking the chance card... "Go directly to jail; do not pass 'GO', do not collect $200". We as Americans have played a crucial game of 'chance' and we drew the wrong card. We picked the "Socialism" card and we cannot pass 'Go', and we cannot collect our $200, or any other amount.

We were offered the facts, but, we chose to ignore them, as so many still ignore them. All throughout the campaign for the Presidential Elections '08, the Democrats played the same old blame game. We were shown, through limited media, Barack Obama and his Democrat cronies were directly to blame for the failing system they defended so staunchly. They were warned three years ago, by certain Republicans (McCain for one), that exactly what is happening today, would happen. There was documented evidence regarding FannyMae and FreddyMac being out of control. The Dems, Barny Frank being the loudest, shouted "Witch Hunt" and "LYNCH mob". No matter how the facts were presented that Obama had nothing but questionable associations and ties to Socialism, most of us ignored the facts, because, it was time to have a black President.

The fact that Obama is black should have had nothing to do with his being elected. Ten years ago, he wouldn't have made it pass the first primary, and rightly so. A junior Senator, with no real credentials, except, he reads a good teleprompter. The proof is now clear, "Change" was a joke. It is business as usual. And now that the head Liberal is Commander, they don't have to worry about explaining to the American people why they let this situation happen; when George Bush pleaded with them to pass the necessary legislation to clean up the corrupt organizations which led to disaster for so many. Most of the media (with liberal agendas) would never air or print the following material that may have kept their Prince from victory.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bill of Goods

The worse display of shredded integrity is our Bill of Rights. The original document has been changed so many times it reads nothing like its original intent. However, the worse transfiguration of our sacred document has been implied, rather than legally amended. It was tested a few decades ago, by a liberal faction, to insinuate the words "separation of church and state" actually appears in the Constitution. It was repeated so many times, the mass illusion effect took place; where even scholars have been teaching the myth. In fact, the words not only do not appear, but, the result these traitors were trying to achieve has become law and many people have suffered for it.

The actual wording in the document of which they were pertaining, specifies the state will not interfere with the church, that people are free to worship any way they choose. The original document was based on christian laws and written by Christians.

Today's disregard for details, when it suits, is so far lost it would take years to straighten the damage done once assessed properly. The decisions made by local judges to override laws placed on the books by the people we give that responsibility to, or we voted for, would be a long endeavour to undue. Nobody wants to approach that issue, so it continues. Judges are supposed to preside over the enforcement of laws as they are written.

Daily, more and more little actions take place to chisel away at that document which protected our rights as the people of the nation, so the government would never take advantage of the people. With all the education and advancement in technology we have been afforded, we balanced it out with lazy. We would rather rely on, and trust in, the self-centered politicians to keep our best interest protected. Consequently, that gives them more power to do whatever they wish, regardless how it hurts us. This has been spiraling out of control for years.

Lately, there has been organized, peaceful protests by a group calling themselves the "Tea Party", mostly concerned of our tax dollars being stolen by the Dems. The Democrats have gone insane with their new founded power and are raping the country. They are not answerable to anybody, and it is Christmas now, 365 days per year.

People are finally starting to wake up to the fact that Barack Obama was a good speech reader. AND THAT'S IT!!! He conned most of the country with his "Change" tactic. He promised it would not be business as usual in our Capitol. He promised transparency, total transparency. No Bill would be passed without our viewing it online first. Now he has such a low opinion of the people who voted for him, he will pass and sign a bill which spends more of our money than ever before, behind closed doors. Then, get on TV and say our money is carefully being watched. The fox watching the hen house? When he referred to Biden as the "Sheriff" and they all chuckled, anyone with any savvy would know that was a con, in an attempt to throw off suspicion for now.

The die-hard supporters will be stubborn for now, but, when Obama's inexperience and total disregard for the outcome of their wallowing in the cookie jar effects them, they will turn. My ex-wife used to get sick of hearing me say how Obama would bring on another Carter administration. I must apologize to Mr. Carter. He was a far right conservative compared to this community organizer.

It is so laughable to think of people fainting and crying over this man possibly being our President. He had two years experience in the Senate and did nothing while there. He has had nothing but questionable associations. The only thing people could attribute to Obama for being a good President was his talk. He read teleprompters well.

There are some who still claim they are doing well, and think we are not giving Obama a chance. He has every chance for the next four years to change your mind. We will see more and more protests coming, especially when everybody realizes there is considerations of a global economy in the works. You better get your affairs together, as the only way to cover up their blunders will be a self-inflicted catastrophe. They will still be blaming Bush, and it won't matter anymore.