Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Blame Game: Do Not Pass 'Go'

It has been thirty years or so since I last played Monopoloy, the board game. Most of us have played it at one time, or another (or many times). If you just played it once in your life, or maybe not at all, the chances are better than good you have heard the expression related to picking the chance card... "Go directly to jail; do not pass 'GO', do not collect $200". We as Americans have played a crucial game of 'chance' and we drew the wrong card. We picked the "Socialism" card and we cannot pass 'Go', and we cannot collect our $200, or any other amount.

We were offered the facts, but, we chose to ignore them, as so many still ignore them. All throughout the campaign for the Presidential Elections '08, the Democrats played the same old blame game. We were shown, through limited media, Barack Obama and his Democrat cronies were directly to blame for the failing system they defended so staunchly. They were warned three years ago, by certain Republicans (McCain for one), that exactly what is happening today, would happen. There was documented evidence regarding FannyMae and FreddyMac being out of control. The Dems, Barny Frank being the loudest, shouted "Witch Hunt" and "LYNCH mob". No matter how the facts were presented that Obama had nothing but questionable associations and ties to Socialism, most of us ignored the facts, because, it was time to have a black President.

The fact that Obama is black should have had nothing to do with his being elected. Ten years ago, he wouldn't have made it pass the first primary, and rightly so. A junior Senator, with no real credentials, except, he reads a good teleprompter. The proof is now clear, "Change" was a joke. It is business as usual. And now that the head Liberal is Commander, they don't have to worry about explaining to the American people why they let this situation happen; when George Bush pleaded with them to pass the necessary legislation to clean up the corrupt organizations which led to disaster for so many. Most of the media (with liberal agendas) would never air or print the following material that may have kept their Prince from victory.

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  1. Stop with the "liberal media" would ya? If that were the case Bush wouldn't have gotten away with an illegal war (I read the NIE's, the media didn't!) torture and trashing the Constitution with his so called "Patriot Act" which I also read (did you??) And no, I'm not a "liberal" just an honest American fed up with corporate owned media who lied for other corporations...or didn't you lose any money in the stockmarket?