Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Global Warming Farce Being Brought To Senate

"Friends of the Earth" environmental group states "The Cap and Trade bill is counter-productive and corrupt with all kinds of special interests." EPA attempting to cover up evidence that would reveal Cap and Trade unnecessary...


  1. Don't believe this is not a tax on those making under $250,000 and 95% of Americans will not get taxed. Everything this bill touches will go down the FOOD chain. Gas, electricity, food, products and services. Everything will go up, but it's not a tax on you. Not to mention man made climate change is a myth.


  2. I saw this interview when it was broadcasted. In truth, I can't spend too much time in front of the news anymore. My system isn't accustomed to the rage that builds up when I do.

    The day will come when I tell my grandkids how things used to be in America, the freedoms we enjoyed, the achievability of the American Dream--and they'll gawk at me with disbelief.


    (Twitter: pprmint777)