Saturday, July 11, 2009

The 912 Candidates

We’ve made some large strides recently, but this past week things have been rather quiet. That generally means that there’s work being done behind the scenes and it’ll come forward in time. In fact, there’s been a considerable amount of discussion behind the scenes with a very prominent campaign out of New Mexico. I’m not at liberty to say more than that, but with a bit of research I’m sure you can find out who we’ve been working with.

New Mexico is just one front in finding 9/12 Candidates our state coordinators are making progress across the country. California had two back-to-back announcements near the holiday weekend, Pennsylvania is well organized and working with 9/12 organizations across their state, and Texas is working with a few candidates in the Lone Star State. This may have you thinking that everything is going well, and that YOU aren’t needed. That’s far from true. In fact, we’re more than a bit behind on the number of people we need to make 9/12 Candidates a household name.

Let’s take a look at what we’re doing. We’re trying to find candidates who represent the values we pass on to our children and the legacy our parents have passed on to us. History books are rarely written about families. They tend to be written about governments, and this government will write the history books for the coming generations (the books our kids and grandkids will learn from). We’ve learned about “the greatest generation,” soldiers in the Civil War, and our founding fathers. The legacy of those generations was a strong influence on my upbringing, and I imagine it was a strong influence on yours as well.

This generation will have a legacy, and you do have some say about how that is written. Great things start small. In the “small” stage it’s best to determine the merits of the cause, the course ahead, and the end-state.

Values don’t expire, so I don’t think this organization has an end-state.
The course ahead involves political activity. The politically active groups for the past 60+ years have been left-ward leaning. If we’re not active, ‘they’ will be. Cap and trade had 300 pages added at the last minute. Those 300 pages included $1,000,000,000,000 worth of “bribes” from the negotiations that went on behind the scenes to get signatures. (no one’s been asking yet who’s going to pay for this added cost). They also included carefully worded phrases that will make the bill difficult (if not impossible) to fight in court.

We’ve been in the small stage for months now. I think these principles and values are worth having. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.

Now is a good time to decide how you want your generation to be remembered. Treat this like the next American Revolution. I’m not asking you to leave your family or take up arms against your countrymen, but go out boldly and articulate yourself. Visit a neighbor. Talk about the issues. Tell them what we’re doing.

I know politics is an “unpopular” subject–Where did you hear that from? Have you noticed that the bills going through congress are thousands of pages long? One reason for it is that it keeps the public from being informed. They don’t want us to know what they’re doing in OUR government. Then, when you ask them to explain their vote they start by saying, “well, it’s complicated…” Have you ever bothered to ask WHY it’s so complicated? Have you ever bothered to wonder why a bill needs thousands of pages? Why do YOU need to be regulated by thousands of pages? You live according to principles.

Someone doesn’t tell you how to help your neighbor; you go to your neighbor and ask if you can help. The people in power (not all of them, but most) think they’re better than you. They think they’re of the elite class that knows more. They think you’re stupid. They make it hard for you to learn about your government by making it complicated, then they tell you “you’re not smart enough to understand.”

Well, why did it need to be complicated? What isn’t complicated about our government is down-played. How many of the “elitist mentality” pass out pocket constitutions? The constitution isn’t hard to understand, and the Declaration of Independence says that my rights come from God, not from the Government. That’s a real easy concept. They are intentionally down-playing the simplicity of our system, complicating it, so they can come back and tell you a lie to make you “feel” like they’re taking care of you. “Oh, you wouldn’t understand..."

If we let this persist our nation will be lost. Maybe we should tell people that if they insist on telling others that it’s unpopular to talk about your government, that they’re a part of the problem. David McCullough wrote in his book on John Adams how the taverns of the day were full of people discussing their government. Look what happened! When you had an informed public (nearly ¼ of them had Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”) you created the greatest republic on the earth. By NOT talking about this we draw further and further away from being educated enough to DO something, and now is the time for doing.

I’m not going down without fighting, and I hope you wont either. Commit to promoting what we’re doing. Invite your friends to this facebook group. Talk about what you believe in! Why should you be shy about it? The atheists have it so they’re beliefs are taught in our schools. Why are your beliefs of less value then theirs? Free speech isn’t our first amendment for progressives. It’s for everyone. Commit this week to doing more than you did last week.

I’d like my generation to be remembered as the “New Patriot Generation,” but it isn’t going to happen unless YOU do something. Re-think the system that tells you that you’re not good enough, or your too small, or you’ll never make a difference. Who told you those things? Our constitution begins with “We the people…” and that means that “We the people” are the solution. Isn’t it time we stepped up and reminded them?

Demand 9/12 Candidates! Do you deserve less? Do your neighbors? Unless you tell them to stand with you, they wont know where to stand. This week, get your neighbors involved—even the ones online.

Jacob Roecker
Citizen, Patriot, Veteran

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