Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kanye Does It Again, This Time Cheered

(DI) March 8, 2010, Last night at the 2010 Academy Awards Kanye West jumped up on stage and snatched the Oscar out of Al Gore's hand, just as he was preparing to give his acceptance speech. West was under great scrutiny whether to be allowed in the award ceremony after a vulgar display of similar proportions at last year's VMA '09 Awards, where he interrupted Taylor Swift's speech.
The Academy decided after great debate to allow West to attend, in light of their outrageous decision to allow Gore to attend, in fear of discriminatory reprisal. West's previous uncouth and low class action against Ms Swift was answered by vast disapproval, even by President Obama, calling him an "A-hole".
Last night, however, Kanye was treated as a hero after he waved Gore's Oscar and yelled, "This is for the Hackers!" West's interruption came as a shock to many as he is a liberal, but, it has been reported many liberals have recently awakened to the enormous deception by the Leftists to "sucker" the ideological citizens to promote their Oligarchy take over of America in hopes of a New World Order.
In other news, President Obama's address to America just prior to the Academy Awards which was televised only on MSNBC, earned the lowest ratings of any televised broadcast of any kind in television history. In light of early released reports of his arrest forthcoming, his speech was watched by seven fewer viewers than the Awards, which now holds the second worst televised rating in history.

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