Friday, December 4, 2009

And The Nobel Prize Goes To... The Hacker!

Al Gore cancels his Copenhagen lecture where Obama was to sign a treaty with United Nations which would dissolve our Constitutional way of governing.
Gore won an Oscar two years ago for the film, "An Inconvenient Truth", which does nothing more than spout a political ideology couched in a chicken-little 'the sky is falling' format on the looming catastrophe of 'global warming.' The star of the falsified climate numbers now known as 'Climategate' is being pressured by Hollywood conservatives to give up the Oscar he received for a film that perpetrates the hoax.

Global-Warming Theology:
The end is nigh, their god is dead! Belief in global warming had long had a tinge of theology about it, a form of cultism that adherents and defenders elevated to a holy crusade. Read more on (Theology)

The Nobel Prize should be turned over to the hackers... by Al, in a public ceremony.

When the “Cap and Trade” bill was introduced earlier this year, a swarm of scientists from around the world presented factual evidence to the contrary of Al Gore’s claim the world would end and Polar bears will die. Real, reputable, credible scientists pleaded the con of “global warming” with solid, proven facts. I presented videos, interviews, and articles disproving the theory the glaciers were dwindling. Unfortunately, however, most, even many Republicans, chose to believe money and power hungry politicians over science.

But, thanks to hackers, emails were intercepted which definitely and directly exposed the intent to deceive the American public. Whatever it took as long as it finally became accepted, the scam was revealed. A handful of Republicans called for an investigation as to the validity of the “end of the world” farce, which has netted Mr. Gore over $1 billion and a Nobel Peace Prize.

The “Cap and Trade” bill passed Congress with the help of several R.I.N.O.’s. The whole intent of the bill, as is with “Health Care Reform” and Union Labor legislation, is to grease the gears of the “Engine To Socialism”. A consorted effort between elitists, the politicians in their pockets, and corrupt labor bosses, was to gain complete control over large corporations and the American public.

It has been common knowledge for two decades our entitlement programs were robbed by corruption and being depleted at an accelerated rate, totally bankrupting Social Security in a few years. The Unions have been stealing from pension funds to promote their political agendas for years, also common knowledge. They have been “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” for sometime now, anticipating the day when they would have complete control over the nations workforce, without freedom of choice by Americans.

With both the government and the unions in bed together for the purpose of avoiding prosecution for theft of American’s money, they were confident their communist agenda would be reality very soon. With the help of Globalists with deep pockets and strings on virtually every politician in Washington, The New World Order appeared to be immanent. A financial crisis was in order. The decline of the American dollar on a daily basis, almost certainly showed promise toward a complete collapse. With most of the country wondering how they will eat tonight, the global dollar would be introduced with little to no objection.

A crisis was the only answer to cover up the vast corruption. Make people wonder where their next meal is coming from and ANYTHING will be acceptable. Knowing their would be some friction, the leftists began smear campaigns against every conservative and public airwaves which had an opposing view. Deny, deny, deny. Call names and throw dirt through every medium possible while RUSHING as many bills and issues possible so as to keep everyone so busy they cannot catch up. Right in the middle of one campaign, another issue pops up, and another, and another, until it was virtually impossible to focus on both hands. “Watch this hand” while I rob you with the other.

The scoundrels are being exposed. Charges will be brought against some to “get release” but the real perpetrators, like Al Gore, will slither off and fade away, as they will become a total embarrassment to those of whom were taken in and will save their pride any further assault.

I am confident people will continue to awaken and discern from those who truly care and those looking to line their pockets with our lives, and our children's future. In addition to returning all awards and at least (performing) an official public apology, I am calling for restitution to be made concerning all moneys gained through this hoax, especially tax gains and support.

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