Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spare The Data...Save The Profit

We are all aware of the fact big business rules. The largest corporations with the deepest pockets pretty much dictate how we are going to live our lives. They put the most heat on our politicians to vote against the majority of their own constituents in favor of the issue which raises the most money. The true, talented politician, is the one which whom convinces his constituents he has their best interest at heart, and stays in office, or climbs to a higher office.

The large automobile manufacturers have always either paid off smaller, independent car makers with a better product, or just forced them out of business. Money rules, and most of us don't care, as long as we, the end user, get fooled with the pricier gas guzzler over the more efficient technology out there. Well, all is fair in love and big business, I guess.

There is another issue on the horizon, which denotes a little more consideration from us, the public. For several years we have witnessed celebrities in front of senate hearings, and politicians, spending incalculable time and money fighting for embryonic stem cell research. It has been one of the most embattled moral issues of our generation. To most, it is just a means to solve many medical issues, regardless of the cost, or at least that is what they have been sold. As far as the moral side, life has always been cheap when it comes to big money. Even when it was entirely banned and up for debate, the research had been going on for years.

We have heard the horror stories of fetuses being produced and paid for, rather than using naturally aborted discards. As the issue of when life actually begins cannot even be decided by people claiming to be Christians, where can the boundaries be drawn. I feel the pain of those whom have suffered a debilitating illness or injury, such as Christopher Reeve. However, where to we draw the line.

Just recently, I came across a young lady, Janna Legg, who is a rep for Stem Tech Health Sciences. Janna handles a product which promotes adult stem cells, called Stem Enhance. It is a supplement which promotes the stem cells in our own body. Since I don't read a lot of science magazines, I was unaware that adult stem cell research has been going on for a few years now. I have seen no celebrities going to Congress to promote government spending on this moral alternative.

In a recent interview, Dr. Francisco Contreras, President, Oasis of Hope Hospital, stated adult stem cell research has the potential to do more than anticipated with embryonic research. Oasis of Hope is an alternative, advanced cancer, treatment center with noted success. So why wouldn't we want to take the high road and eliminate the amoral technology? Money!!?

Embryonic stem cell research has been escalating even as it was illegal. How many products are we ingesting daily, which have been declared dangerous? Twenty five years ago margarine put many butter manufacturers out of business, as we were told it was the healthier alternative. Sugar substitutes are known to cause problems in rats, yet, we continue to feed it to our rats. Organizations and special interest groups are forcing their will on us every time we turn around. We are told what we may eat and how much, by a relative few, who have determined what is good for us by their standards. Complete data on every issue is withheld from us and the determination of what we are allowed to drink, eat, (or smoke) is forced on us.

Because a relative few have been stricken with skin cancer as our atmosphere has been ruined by the big money corporations, we were all told to cover up and avoid the sun; by the manufacturers of sun blockers. Recently, a study showed a rise in medical problems, due to lack of sunlight. Everyday, products are being taken off store shelves and people are dying due to lack of quality control which used to be the built in standard for food processing companies. We didn't need bigger government to enforce health concerns regarding food processing a few decades ago. It was the moral duty of a processor to ensure the safety of the public. Who would consider a government agency would be needed to regulate the safety of a toy for our children, as the toy company was more concerned about a little larger profit over the lives of humans?

At what point do we start taking responsibility for ourselves and demand we don't need to be taken care of by the few, which whom stand to profit by the decisions they make for us? When it comes to a medical breakthrough which eludes our moral reason, or an alternative which could keep our moral integrity intact, why should it be decided by a few? The special interest groups always seem to slip in the back door. Whether through money, or trickery, the determinations which poorly represent our society, emerge victorious more times than not. If our tax dollars are going to something which is so questionable among so many souls, why would it not be reasonable for all data to be produced, and the American people are given the opportunity to decide?


  1. Edward, this is great to bring to the lime light.
    Big business has surpress so many truly amazing products with the big money. I wounder where this amazing nation would be if all the products and services that come our way were judged with a moral and health ethics, INSTEAD of the finanicals and profits of the big businesses.

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  2. Hi Edward, I also have been taking StemEnhance for a while now. Her's an article I wrote recently for a private memvbers business publication,

    The following testimonial is from myself, Trevor Nicol, and it is my own experience. I would urge readers of eBOSS to please note that Stemtech Health Sciences DO NOT promote StemEnhance(tm) as being a cure or a treatment for any particular health issue and should not be read as such in this article. StemEnhance(tm) is a dietary food supplement which has been proven to increase the number of adult stem cells circulating in the blood stream by up to 30% with each recommended daily portion of two capsules.

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    In June 2007 I responded to a news editorial, looked at the Stemtech Health Sciences business and was eventually sufficiently impressed by the history of StemEnhance(tm) that I tried to buy a months supply from Bruce McDuffee the sponsor in America (Scottish descendant). Unfortunately Bruce advised me that he was unable to send an order to me as the company were not yet legally trading within the UK.

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    My reason for this was a fairly simple one.

    I am a businessman with ongoing health issues.

    My story starts in 1966 when I was initially diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes. I now have many of the accompanying health complications which seem to be an acknowledged part of living many years with diabetes. I take a number of prescription drugs, so I have a treatment for Diabetes, Angina, Kidneys and Cholesterol.

    Approximately two and a half years ago when visiting my local hospital eye clinic I was diagnosed with a problem in my left eye called Ischaemic Maculopathy (apologies if the spelling is incorrect) to which I was informed was an irrepairable degenerative condition and that I could expect to lose sight in my left eye within 3 to 4 years.

    I asked if anything could be done about this condition and was told that the surgeon could perform lazer surgery which may slow down the degenerative proccess but would not stop it. BUT the eye condition was in such a problematic part of my eye there was a 50% chance that the lazer surgery could cause immediate blindness. "Me being a smart kid thought very carefully for about two seconds" then decided not to bother with lazer surgery and would just allow my condition to run its natural course.

    The memory of that day will be with me for a long time and I remember feeling very low and unhappy with my situation BUT trying to look on the bright side I thought I'd have a search through Yahoo and Google to see if I could find some GOOD news about Ischaemic Maculopathy. I only found more depressing information, it was all going to be down hill from then on.

    That was two and a half years ago and one and a half years before I started taking StemEnhance(tm).

    In July 2008 I was at my local opticians to get my eyes checked for a new pair of specs. After doing the usual measurements and sight reading tests etc. my optician advised me that she was surprised to find that the sight in my left eye had slightly improved from my previous test. Wow! I'm sure you can imagine my most sincere delight at this bit of Fantastic news. (Smile, smile).

    On 25th of August 2008 I visited my regular diabetic clinic and after the blood sugar, urine, blood pressure, weight checks etc. I was advised by the surgery doctor that the results of my long term blood sugars had improved by 18% from the tests approx 5 to 6 months previous. Smile :-) smile :-) smile :-) more Fantastic news.

    On 26th August 2008 the day after I was at the diabetic clinic, I revisited the eye clinic where I was initially advised of Ischaemic Maculopathy, my irrepairable degenerative eye problem and it was confirmed that my left eye was indeed showing an improvement.

    Once again as you can imagine, I was 'over the moon' - smile :-) smile :-) BUT I had to ask why I was originally given the info about losing my sight within 3 to 4 years. The medics could only give me the answer that the condition as shown in my records of my eye at that time was such that this had been the correct diagnosis.

    When I told the medics about StemEnhance(tm) they made suitable muffled noises, seemed unusually impressed, but made no further enquiries. I invited them to take note of the StemEnhance(tm) name for future reference.

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