Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From The "Nut Farm" To Share His (Wisdom?)

"I believe most of the animosity toward President Obama is based on racism", is Jimmy Carter's response to Joe Wilson's outburst, "You Lie", during Obama's address to Congress the other night.

That's genius. What was it called when everybody called you a liar as you were on the same destructive path as Obama, Mr Carter? I believe it had something to do with... peanuts?

Mr Carter, can you give your genius expertise as to what we should call the vast portion of the population who are black and sick of the lies, as well, and also fight to defend our Constitution? You and the man in the White House, who will not denounce you, are despicable, to put it nicely.

They are saying there is now as many as 45 to over 50 Czars and NOBODY knows for sure, or who they are. If I say this is an outrage and opposes our Constitution is that "Racist"???

The comments made by Obama which led to Joe Wilson's "You Lie" cry were in fact total lies. There is nothing in the Obamacare proposal thus far which eliminates illegal aliens from receiving 'sky is the limit' health care.

Obama will remain silent pertaining to the 'race card' in the same way as the Beer Summit issue. Why? It is blatantly obvious, just as his Socialist agenda, he promotes and encourages the whole 'racial' diversion. He had perfect opportunity to utilize the Crowley Gate incident to make a REAL learning experience from a REAL racial problem, and contempt for authority. Instead he let it simmer, until it exploded from the left all over the Internet and made all new victims stemming from Obama's 'rush to judgement'.

The audacity of all this attacking over half the country with insults and innuendos is arrogant, to say the least. Who do these people think they are coming out with the most contemptuous insults one could dream up, against all those who oppose their agendas. It is as though they either know they are not going to remain in office and think "Oh well", or they don't plan on leaving office at all. In any event, this goes way beyond divisiveness. Talking down to more than half the country cannot be a good thing, no matter how it turns out.

SHAME on all who use the racial issue to divert attention and fire people up against the opposition. SHAME on those of you having the audacity to pit citizens against citizens, for your own selfish plans. Do you not see the numbers grow daily opposing the Socialist agenda? Even from the left? Some D-Representatives are realizing to follow some of these Leftist agendas is political suicide.

Even those who remain silent, should begin looking for a backup carrer. As in the A.C.O.R.N. criminal organization. it should have been unanymous to stop funding. It should also be unquestioned to begin a full scale investigation, pulling out all the stops, like the concern over baseball players taking steroids. A.C.O.R.N. is a threat to our whole way of governing and will be stopped and taken apart. Would it not be better WITH Congressional cooperation, NOW???

As people awake, and the Congress is cleaned up next year, the ones remaining will be disgraced, and even charged criminally. You are spinning your wheels. You should do as did John F Kennedy, the last Democrat which possessed any kind of integrity. He was elected as the FED and the globalists thought he was on board. He developed a conscience, and decided to sign a bill forcing the FED to open their books and regulate their power. Two weeks later he was assassinated.

Mr Obama, you would have the backing of every American citizen if you obtained a conscience, exercised integrity, and turned away from the Socialists you work for, and turn for the people you represent (fraudulently). You may go down as the most popular President in history, rather than the worse.

Any one jumping on your racial bandwagon, Mr Obama, will eventually realize you are not for them, at all, but, just using them to fulfill your assault on our government.

Mr Carter, please, go back to your 'nut farm' and stay out of politics. You did a horrible job the first time. Why would anybody want to know what you think? You can tell Jimmy what you think at (Attn: President Carter). Be respectful so they don't sick CIA on you, but tell him what you think of his racist comments.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms its because we destroyed ourselves" ~ Abraham Lincoln

Any whom are involved in turning our country back to the Constitution should read this article from a friend and a Patriot...

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