Wednesday, September 30, 2009

jihad Is Coming To A Nieghborhood Near You

WARNING: This video contains graphic violent images

Fitna (original) - Watch more Funny Videos
I had to debate whether or not I should post this video, but, it is time for Americans to wake up. Apathy will get your children a very grim future.

jihad is coming to your neighborhood

Regardless of your Political Views:
Every American needs to see to see this film, and to support Geert Widers, who is being persecuted for making it, and who must live under 24 hour protection in safe houses, for speaking out against radical Islam's war on the... West. This is disturbing to watch, but vitally important.

The deceiving term is "Radical" as it suggests only a fanatic portion of Islam. The FEW who claim Islam is not violent are liars, to spread propaganda, or apostates, whose opinion is worthless. I will gladly point out the pillars and other parts of the Koran to any of those liars or apostates which desire to argue.

Any muslim that follows the true doctrines of the Koran knows eventually it must be "Death to infidels" before their Imam can return. That is the agenda of jihad. ALL true muslims must support jihad or they are apostates or liars, for the rhetoric to deceive those who are afraid of being labeled bigots or "politically incorrect". It is the same as a person who claims to be Christian but doesnt believe in the Bible or claims to be Christian to get elected. It is fine to lie for jihad movement.

All Koran believing muslims support jihad with prayer or financially. All working muslims and business owners tithe 20% minimum to mosques and organizations which filter the money to jihad movement. YOU ARE LIED TO... if Islam wanted to save its image and prove to the rest of the world all this is not true, and they, for the most part, denounced terrorism, there would be no terrorism.

It is only a handful, mostly college students or grads which have been assigned to spread rhetoric of peace and love and opposition is bigotry. There is over a billion muslims in the world. If the majority were against the jihad movement(which is Koran doctrine), they could certainly overpower or shame those they claim are "radical".

Its not just Mahmud Ahmanuhtjob that wants Jews whiped off the face of the earth. That is more rhetoric. The Koran teaches they are sub-human and will never be converted and should die at "Every opportunity". This is radical! Islam is radical. I have been trying to wake people up for years to the fact that it is an evil, cultist, religion which agenda is to dominate and convert all the globe... Infidels (that's you and I) MUST DIE!!! What part do you not understand, or believe?

As you ignorantly chose to be in denial of the TRUE nature of Islam, even when you have not read their Koran, look at your children. Think about what you will say when attempting to explain why we allowed a radical religion take over our country...IF you survive.

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