Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Children As Pawns: Nothing New

To you Hollywood freaks that think we should pledge allegiance to Obama... he is supposed to pledge allegiance to our Constitution and be OUR servant -- NOT the other way around. Stick to entertaining like the clowns you emulate...

To our Public Schools: You need to go back to teaching "truth", and of our founding fathers, rather than promoting a usurper. Point out to our precious next generation of voters the ills of this administration and how NOT to be a President.

It's not the speech of encouragement to the kids. It is the unprecedented curriculum associated with the speech. They dropped the essay, finally, that would have children pledging their loyalty and devotion to Obama & the Socialist regime, only after so much controversy arose. Even Conservatives were asking what is wrong with the President giving a "pep" talk to the kids to stay in school... nothing is wrong with that. That is what it evolved into after the concerns surmounted.

How much should Palestinian children know about Nazi war crimes? According to Hamas, only enough to know the Holocaust is a "lie." Read More...

Barrack Hussein Obama gave $17 million to Hamas for training purposes. Hamas is nothing more than a terrorist organization which refuses to acknowledge the existence of the Jews, but, Obama wants to give them an existence in the United Nations. He has set up through Congress to allocate another $10 million to Hamas in a few months. This is what your tax dollars are going to...

So you think we should trust Obama talking to our children without censorship and approval? like any wanna-be dictators, Barrack and Michelle Obama have a certain degree of mental illness. They truly believe in their hearts they are doing the right thing.

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