Friday, September 11, 2009

The Wrong Direction: Correcting 9/11

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Eight years after the Sept. 11 tragedy, construction at the Ground Zero site is finally rising above street level. In August, 24 70-ton steel columns began to be erected as part of the base for the largest of the site's buildings. One World Trade Center, formerly known as the Freedom Tower, is now slated to be completed in 2013 at a budget of over $3 billion. When completed it will be the tallest building in America at 1776 feet. Read complete story...

Eight years ago today, I watched in disbelief as the second plane approached the second tower, revealing it was not some freak accident, but, certainly a malicious attack on our country. The same country which rushed to the aid of any and every other country on the planet in time of need. The fact that we have always been known as the humanitarian country of countries was foremost in our thinking, far surpassing any political or sick religious agenda.

As the reports started rolling in of other attacks, sadness turned to anger. I wanted to know how this could happen. This was not a battle field, these were neighbors. The Islamic war against our nation and its people was made real. The next few years I would study and investigate, and come to know the real Islamic fascism which is always going to be a threat to Israel and the United States--- NO MATTER WHAT CONCESSIONS ARE MADE BY IGNORANT OR SYMPATHETIC POLITICIANS.

The stupid rhetoric you have been fed that Islam is a peace loving religion, and the terrorists are just a radical few, is a lie. Just as the lies continue to flow regarding what is, or isn't in the proposed legislation of health care and energy bills, our own politicians intentionally deceive us as to the true nature of Islam. I have read the language in the bills and Obama is a bold faced liar. I have read the koran and muslims are liars.

That clerk where you get your gas, the one who speaks friendly to you and you try so hard not to offend, as it would be 'politically incorrect', tithes 20% of his paycheck, or profits, to the jihad. The nice muslim girl you bought your purse from, that seems incapable of hurting a fly, prays for the success of the jihad.

You see, the biggest fraud and myth in history, is that jihad is a radical form of Islam. Rather, jihad is the political and militia arm of the Islamic movement. If you are muslim and you do not actually fight in jihad, you must support financially or in prayer. The jihad movement is simple. All occupants of the planet must commit to Islam or be eliminated. No infidels can be present when the Islamic (messiah) mufti returns. Convert or die! That is the teaching.

This is why Iran's Ayatollah and Mahmud Ahmanuhtjob are so dangerous. They believe they can hurry the return of their (messiah) by implementing a third world war, thus eliminating a good portion of the infidels. Many Americans do not wish to believe this is true. Okay, don't believe it, but, that doesn't make it any less true. The portion of our population (or swine) which is aware of the intent of jihad and plays their game either stands to gain in the political realm, or make huge profits, at the cost of American and Israeli lives.

Obama allocated $17 million to Hamas for "Training" purposes

Watch this video of a room full of ordinary muslims, NOT radicals, cheering for the terrorists. The terrorists are regarded as the most holy of muslims, and heroes.

Even Christians have fallen for the ridiculous rhetoric of Islam is just another religion and we should embrace muslims as our brothers. Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, attended a recent Islamic Convention. Warren called for Christians to "hold hands" with the muslims in achieving global unity. Misguided people who call themselves Christians, such as Obama and Warren, need to take a good hard look at what being a Christian means. I pray for their souls, that they would be turned around. I pray for the United States of America, land that I love.

And look for Rick Warren's new book "Purpose Driven jihad"

Watch the film "The Third Jihad" free HERE

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