Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Propaganda Media

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn told a group of high school students last June that former Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong was one of her two favorite political philosophers, and you could tell she was speaking from the heart. Her earnest appeal to the teenagers to fight their own wars, as Mao had counseled when challenged within his own party, was clearly meant as a call to activism. "You fight your war and I'll fight mine," she quoted Mao as saying, because apparently Mao was all about personal choice.

Of course, Mao's usual response to those who questioned his authority was to have them killed, but mentioning that inconvenient truth might detract from Miss Dunn anointing him a philosopher.

"What would Mao do?" seems to be the guiding question in White House communications strategy. Miss Dunn bragged that during the 2008 presidential campaign, "very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control." The Obama White House continues this drive for control using the tools of government, seeking to harness all means of communication and organize a Cultural Revolution Lite. Read More on Dunn

The Washington Times and a select few others are the exception to the absurdly communist promoting newspapers around the country. The worse of the Marxist propaganda tabloids, I've noticed in recent years, is in St. Petersburg, Florida, of all places. The ridiculous irony is most of the (newspapers) ran off their readers by insulting the intelligence of those of whom were educated enough to read the papers, and could afford them. Now, our tax dollars will support them so they can continue the controlled propaganda for the Oligarchy.

The Obama administration and its Czars want the public to only hear the rhetoric, such as the School Czar's claim, "heterosexuality is out-dated." They do not want you to hear or see the outrage of decent Americans. If all you hear is what the leftists want you to hear, with no opposition, it becomes the norm...the accepted "politically correct" way...the "law of the land".

The Hollywood freaks are on the Socialist wagon with all the rhetoric and propaganda of how you should live to improve "Our way of life" while they are excluded from any accompanying hardships. The bold visits to Hugo Chavez by Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey was ever so telling. And sycophantic Ashton Kutcher is in the forefront lately with his star studded "Pledge to Obama" sick video, and speeches to promote "volunteering" and service to the government.

Film makers have always injected liberal propaganda into their films, aside from the amoral material throughout. Some dedicate their career to such leftist propaganda. At one time, it was funny and abstract, but, not being conceived as a threat to society, went unchallenged as our attention was diminished. We made no abstracting views, and the propaganda spread, opening doors into schools and churches. In fact, rhetoric has become so meaningful in today's society, Michael Moore's latest film attacking capitalism and promoting socialism has been deemed by many as a religious film. Michael Moore, himself, appearing on talk shows spewing scriptures, implies he is doing the godly thing, with no retort from clergy.

There is nothing more ungodly than Socialism, and Moore must be one of those Oprah "Christians"... who don't have to believe in Christ or the bible to call themselves "Christians".

Much is said with no retort, no challenge, no common sense. Opposing views are not displayed, but, only the political agenda of the (Journalist?), Hollywood star (always genius), and the anchor man which calls himself a journalist, but, constantly projects his opinion, or the agenda of the network. CNN is on a constant attack of FOX cable news channel. Cnn's so called anchors and reporters are nothing but 'sales people' posing as newsmen. However, the opinion shows on FOX seem to be filled with more facts than opinion. Facts you will not hear from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, or ABC. So, the Obama administration, teamed up with their Socialist media partners, in order to kill the facts and discredit the source, has openly waged an all out war against the ONLY news channel (FOX) which challenges the deception and propaganda from the Oligarchy.

As of late, it has apparently backfired, as ratings have gone up 20% for FOX, while CNN is hurting. Channels such as CNN are trying to create controversy and 'shock' issues in an attempt to draw viewers, but, this also is backfiring, as people are seemingly becoming more aware. Recently, when Rush Limbaugh expressed his desire to bid on the St. Louis Rams football team, an explosion of leftist media attacks pursued against the talk show host. Rush was labeled racist and several 'invented' quotes, supposedly made by him were broadcast on every liberal media. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) gave a speech in Congress condemning Rush's bid to the NFL. The NFL, wanting to uphold their pure, clean image (rolling eyes) denied Rush's bid.

To date, the only known retraction of all the outright lies which came out regarding Rush is that of CNN's, due only to outrage by the public.

The Communication Czar in charge of the FCC, but, accountable only to Obama, stated publicly he praises the revolution of Chavez in Venezuela, and the take over of the media. "This must be done", said Mark Lloyd, commenting on controlling what comes out of the media. The plan of the administration is to burden those channels which broadcast conservative talk shows with a 100% tax. Of course, this would run anyone out of business, or force them to comply.

Ron Bloom, Obama's manufacturing Czar, also believes in Mao Tse-Tung, and like all the other Czars and cabinet members under Obama, is anti-capitalism.

I'm sure the only reason our "Transparent" administration has not hired someone to monitor CNN for any "misinformation", the same way Anita Dunn monitors FOX, is because they don't yet have the funds. May I suggest, Mr Obama, you and Congress suspend all the frivolous and unnecessary trips costing millions of tax dollars? This alone would free up a ton of money, which itself is a mystery where it is coming from. Then you could hire a person for each network to monitor their broadcast... for the good of all the people. Right?!!

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