Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama's Agenda Predicted in 50 Year Old Cartoon

It's truly amazing how many can be fooled by the rhetoric of the Leftists. So many have died over the past 233 years so we can have the right to make the wrong decisions to undo the cause for which they died.

I have had many uninformed sheeple and zombies ask me, "What is wrong with New World Order?" After lengthy discussion, it was determined, without a doubt, they will have to experience it before they will ever understand just what they gave up.

Over the past generation, we have lost the concept of "freedom" through the dedicated propaganda of the elite to abolish it. Since this country was forged there has been a tyranny in the works, whose only obstacle is the Constitution of the United States of America. The objective is to make a relative few more powerful and wealthy than anyone can comprehend. The only way they can achieve this is to make the poor think they love them. In reality, they have always looked down on the misfortuned and ethnic groups. Diversity is what they preech, murder is what they practice. Human life will not stand in their way.

Many have known for years, the objective of the New World Order is to eliminate the middle class. There will be only the filthy rich or the dirt poor and all will rely on the government for their needs. This is totally acceptable to those persons without drive to be better. It is even more acceptable to those of whom have no concern for their children's future. Our decisions today will affect generations to come... It Cannot Be Undone!!!

As you fall in love with the phony elixir, the snake oil "Which will cure all", you must admit to yourself you only have concern for what you can get. You must be honest as you give away your rights (which you rationalize) and admit you have no respect for your armed forces and the casualties suffered. The millions of whom gave their lives over the years so you could extend your hand out screaming for freebies, is just a joke to you. Whatever you do, do not have the audacity to call yourself a patriot, as do many of you.

Barack Obama's camp was outraged when someone questioned his patriotism during the campaign, based on his communist connections. All the threatening information was available then, just as it is now. I see so many, everyday, posting things and commenting like it is news, when it was all readily available a year ago. But, praise the Lord, you got a black man elected, which was more important than any communist connections, or proof of his anti-American ideology. There are so many black men, and even a few black women, would be so much more beneficial, and a lot more experienced. But, Obama was (appointed) for his elite agenda.

If you voted for Obama, and you have finally come to your senses, or man enough to admit you made a tragic mistake, you can redeem yourself by 1) educating others, or 2) tearing up your voter registration card if you do not intend to take serious your responsibility as an American voter. Haphazardly voting for someone because of how they look or their ability to swoon you is nothing of which to be proud.

Bold speech?...You betcha!!!

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  1. A few of my family members think its going to be a good thing to bring or have the "NEW WORLD ORDER"... That is because they are blind to everything and are into worldly stuff instead of whats HOLY in the LORDS eyes....