Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Prize For...?

Every year the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize diminishes. Eventually(which should be the case now) notification of recipients will be on an obscured portion of the newspaper.

Well, isn't it a good thing they gave him the Nobel Prize BEFORE he's indicted for TREASON???

The main question one has to ask...What on earth was he awarded for? He has undeniably accomplished nothing in his first year of his administration, even though he has a Democrat controlled Congress. He is too radical even for many of those on the left.

The Prestige of the Nobel Prize is rounded off now with Barack's name added to the likes of Yasir Arafat and Al Gore. There's something to be proud of, even if you haven't really accomplished anything to actually be awarded a prize, unless it is the Junior Commies Club 'man of the year'.

Al won for spreading GREEN(backs in his pocket); Yasir won for spreading Piece(s of humans by strapping bombs to kids backs); and now Barack has won for spreading the wealth of Americans(even though it is anti-American)... All agendas of United Nations. Spreading is more important than Uniting, to the U.N. (NWO)

Obama supports tyrants all over the globe. His policies are in line with their agendas, especially in the Middle East. He supports dictators right here in our own hemisphere, including Zelaya of Honduras, who was legally removed from power by the Honduran Congress, in order to avert a coup attempted by Zelaya. Obama still calls the Honduran action a coup, and has placed sanctions against the country.

While Senator, Obama used U.S. tax dollars to help Raila Odinga (his paternal cousin, responsible for ethnic genocide) become President of Kenya.

Coincidence? Previous to now Jimmy Carter was regarded as the worse President this nation has seen. After it's all said and done, Obama will not only be regarded the same, but, will hold the record for number of indictments of an American President; both win the non prestigious Nobel Prize.

Perhaps, if they took off the PEACE part of the title of the prize. It is indicative of the (lack) of integrity in journalism. The whole deception issue. Perception is everything, and when the majority of the people are uninformed and unaware...well, let's just say the U.N.'s agenda is on a roll like a greased wheel, with Obama at the helm.

It has been very obvious for a decade or better that the Nobel Peace Prize took a parallel view to the U.N., but, somehow, A.C.O.R.N. is connected to this...I just know it!!!

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