Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blind Leading the Blind: Michael Moore's Socialist Propaganda

The Hands-Out: "Death To Capitalism!!!"; ***Uh, like, OK... they are the 'Hand That Feeds You';(?); Are ya suicidal too? How ironic is it? The Socialists turn the ignorant against Capitalists who are the very ones paying for their entitlements.

Michael Moore's new film is anti-capitalism, but, i have yet to find ANY venue where it is being shown FREE. Moore has more than capitalized on his scam and Socialist agenda, in as much the same way as Al Gore. In fact, the most wealthiest politicians are the Democrats pushing for all the Socialist programs, convincing the 'Hands-out' they are all concerned for them.

There are actually people who can tie their own shoes which believe Moore's film is "Religious" and capitalism is anti-Christian. Nothing is more ungodly than Socialism and the ranks which befall it.

Hey Michael Moore! I got news for ya buddy...not only are you confused about capitalism, but, you are contributing to it as much as anyone in society by promoting your misleading propaganda which is deceiving the very people which depend on the Capitalist's taxes for their entitlements. FOCUS!

The present government's agenda is to make everyone the same...dependent on the government. We have to assume Obama IS a law grad, as like no other Pres before him he has not presented any documentation of any kind, but, what is intelligent abou...t ridding the country of those vile tax payers which pay for the government?

Socialism, and its successor Communism, has failed in every country that has adapted it, past and present. If you like Communism call your travel agent and take advantage of the cheapest deals in the world, as nobody else travels to them. Your time is running out here!!!

"Americans will never give up their capitalism, and jump into communism. But, give them a little Socialism ata a time, and they will one day wake up in Communism"~ Nakita Khrushchev, former leader of the Soviet Union

Be careful what you wish for...

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