Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Majors: Executive Cover Up

Two Army Majors could not be anymore different from each other, but, both connected by the same Executive directive - hide the truth. One a patriot, the other as anti - American as one could be. One disgraced, the other shown every consideration and rationalization possible, but, not in the same perspective you would imagine.

Major Stefan Frederick Cook, Army Ranger, completed two tours in Iraq, and saw battle in Desert Storm. Career man, Cook was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan as a contractor. Cook stated he looked forward to serving there. After much consideration, Major Cook was led by his conscience and sense of duty to the American Constitution in that there was great controversy whether the man he was serving under was actually eligible to be the Commander-in-Chief of the nation’s military.

All military personnel should indeed be concerned whether they are taking orders from a legitimate leader. In the event he was not found to be Constitutionally capable of holding the office, every order they carried out would be invalid and technically could make them war criminals. To date, Barack Hussein Obama has spent over $2 million for a team of lawyers to keep sealed any identifying records including birth certificate, school records, passports, College records, Bar exam, Senate files, and medical records.

Obama has made several statements in the past which collaborated with other witnesses statements indicating he was not born in this country. Regardless, both his parents were not natural born citizens of the United States. This alone would render Mr. Obama ineligible to hold the office of President under our Constitutional Law.

Major Cook did what most would not have the nerve to do - he filed a law suit asking Mr. Obama to present any physical proof that he is indeed the legitimate Commander-in-Chief. This is something which should have been taken care of before Obama even ran for the office, but, it was not. It is not just a desire of skeptical citizens, it is a legal requirement, of which many choose to ignore. Laws are in place for a reason. This law was implemented by our founding fathers who were fully aware of the consequences of a foreign interest being capable of infiltrating our Republic and forcing their agenda. The writers and signers of the Constitution were very intelligent. They were seeking protection of a free Republic for a people they would never know. A people two hundred years later that would scoff at the laws they put into place for their protection...

The response to Major Cook’s request for evidence of eligibility was the military released him almost immediately (72 hours) from his orders, rather than comply. Since he was no longer obligated, Major Cook’s case was dismissed. As I was doing related research, I came across many instances where the public feedback was insulting, at best, and in most cases down right vulgar. The common consensus was Major Cook was a coward, a sort of draft dodger, if you will, just “Trying anything to get out of combat.” Of course, the insults came from people who never served a day. The Defence Dept. also pressured Cook's boss to fire him from his civilian job, according to the CEO of the company.

It never ceases to amaze me how vulgar and immoral liberals are, for the most part. The rants all over the internet regarding Sarah Palin, Orly Taitz, and all conservatives in general, is disgusting and vile. They have no legitimate arguments for the facts, so they resort to pervasive language. There truly is a huge separation of integrity and decency between the two political halves of the United States.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, also a career man, was a psychiatrist, recently assigned to Fort Hood, in Texas. Hasan was responsible for counseling the men and women returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hasan was also a lifelong muslim (not converted as many reports have stipulated). It was also commonly known his hatred for Americans. For almost a year, that we know for sure, he was making many anti - American and violent jihadist comments to other personnel. His commanding officers were aware of his rants, and even the FBI “had an interest” in him.

Hasan had many terrorist contacts and communiqué since 9/11, including the mosque where several of the 9/11 attackers received their counseling. The mosque and its leader is still allowed to function in our country, even after we have obtained intelligence regarding their involvement in the Islamic jihad. Hasan was also allowed to continue his service in the Army, even after is anti - American propaganda seemed to have stepped up since Obama took office. At the same time, Obama appointed Hasan to assist the transition team in the Department of Homeland Security.

On Thursday, November 5, during a reception for a group of returning soldiers from Iraq, Hasan entered the facility armed with two semi-automatic handguns and dressed in Islamic garb, yelling, “Allah Akbar.” He proceeded to open fire, killing 14 and wounding 30 of the unarmed soldiers. As none of the personnel on the base was armed, the jihadist was eventually brought down by local police officers.

The response from Mr. Obama concerning the incident was almost non existent. In a brief public appearance he made a ’by the way’ mention of the incident after several unrelated and insignificant announcements. His main concern was that nobody rush to judgment in that Hasan’s actions had anything to do with Islam. I was immediately reminded of the rush to judgment on the part of Mr. Obama in the Crowley/Gates affair, where he slandered an innocent white police officer over his black racist friend, before he knew any facts in the case. Obama never acknowledged the true racism in that situation. And he refuses to acknowledge the truth behind Major Hasan’s actions, as well.

The Senate had initiated a probe into the events leading up to the Hasan terrorist attack on our military. There was some in Congress that wanted to know how he managed to carry out such a blatant agenda. Who dropped the ball? Why was all the anti - American rhetoric from Hasan ignored? Friday, Mr. Obama instructed Congress to drop their investigation, once again attempting to keep the truth from Americans.

One must be reminded of the statement Obama made in his book “Audacity of Hope” where he makes it very clear, “When things get ugly,” he will “Defend Islam.”

After much criticism of the Bush administration for how it handled protecting Americans after 9/11, even in light of no further attacks being perpetrated, Obama knows a conceived terrorist attack while he is in office would be devastating. How would he explain his incapability of keeping us safe after all the criticism of Bush, who did keep us terrorist free for eight years?

If he acknowledged Hasan’s attack was jihad, how would Obama explain his support for Islam? Instead, the left relentlessly projects Hasan’s actions as though he was a stressed soldier who snapped, just like Janet Napolitano warned in her report released to law enforcement several months ago. The ironic issue which overwhelmingly goes unnoticed, as did Major Cook’s spotless service to his country, is that Hasan has never seen any action. Rather, Hasan has only had an office job with all the perks. It was only recently he was scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan, where he feared he would be forced to fight other jihadists. This is where is loyalty remained.

I had a friend applied for a low security level communications job in the Navy. They sent intelligence officers out to our neighborhood to interview residents near where he grew up, to find out what kind of kid he was, whether he ever did anything mischievous. He was investigated to the hilt. If your Islamic, and a known enemy of the state, we wouldn’t want to offend, even if it costs our national security. In fact, come to think of it, Obama wouldn’t even qualify for the Navy job.

The overwhelming response from the general public??? Every empathetic (and sickening) excuse under the sun. Hasan has been made out to be a victim in most liberal media and internet forums.

Mostly, people are defending Islam as just another religion which should be respected. They say, "You cannot judge the whole religion by the actions of a few bad ones." Those who say these things, have no idea what they are talking about. They are merely repeating the ignorant rhetoric they have heard. THEY HAVE NOT READ THE KORAN!!! Or, they have read the Koran and know what is says, but, they lie for jihad, inorder to spread the false rhetoric.

The latest ridiculous statement is, "All jihadists are muslim, but, not all muslims are jihadists." This comment could not be more irrelevant to the scheme of things. It is comparing apples with oranges. Those of whom claim to be muslim, but, not jihad, are not Koran believing muslims and it is a puzzle as to why they call themselves muslim. They make up a very small percentage of the muslim population. As apostates, they will eventually have to answer to their own, as it means death.

All Koran believing muslims are Islamic jihad and follow sharia law. This accounts for all the "honor killings" which have escalated here in the U.S. as of late. Barack Obama knows all this, yet he hides it and deceives the public. He is very well versed in the Koran, and well aware of its violent agenda against Israel and America. It is the agenda of this administration to promote sharia law in the U.S. so it would not go over too well if muslims are seen in a 'bad light'.

Evangelist Pat Robinson made a public statement yesterday disclosing the truth of Islam. He expressed the hate and political agenda with religious overtones. He was slandered by every media including FOX, which has been accused of being too conservative. Maybe the meetings between Fox Execs and the White House recently made a difference? I simply report reality vs rhetoric. You decide!

The Defense Department continues to duck the hard questions about the Fort Hood massacre. As many as eight Army officers might take the fall for not reporting Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's abnormal behavior in the years leading up to his Nov. 5 terrorist rampage. But as Bill Gertz reported yesterday on the front page of The Washington Times, fear of being perceived as insensitive played a critical role in those officers keeping Maj. Hasan in the force. There's no sign the military's politically correct climate is about to change. (Read more)

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