Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another "Photo-Op" For The Usurper? Maybe?

A 15-year-old Egyptian girl, Dina el-Gohary, has written an emotional appeal to President Obama asking him to use his influence to save her father, Maher el-Gohary, who is being persecuted for his beliefs. ... Dina and her father are Christian converts in a part of the world where conversion can mean death. Read more...

In order to claim misguided Christian votes, Obama claimed to be a Christian during his Presidential campaign. Immediately afterward, he began making disparaging remarks regarding Christians and let it be known he stood for Socialism and genocide of infants. All this is most ungodly, but, it did not keep him from collecting vast support from those of whom profess Christianity, but, have not a clue as to what that means.

Obama's clear stand against Israel and actions taken which can only be regarded as anti Christ, would strongly indicate to a true Christian he is anything but a Christian. He claims he has never been a muslim but supports jihad propaganda all the way, and fluently quotes the Koran. In his book, "Audacity of Hope", Obama makes it very clear, "If things begin to get ugly, I will defend Islam."

So, let us see if Obama takes the politically strategic "photo-op" mentality on this plea from Dina, in regards to saving her Christian father in a muslim state. The "Peace and love" religion (claim of the apostates) is all about killing the infidel and the Jew, the two least supported people of Barack Hussein Obama.

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