Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recognition of Usurper Fraud Rises


We thought that you would enjoy this impassioned response we received to our latest post from a reader named Sandy Elders. I am sure you will share her views as this is indicative of what many of you have written in response to past postings. It is truly heartwarming that so many of you share our need to Stand Up for America and resurrect our core values and way of life. Spread the word, we need all the help you can muster in our efforts.

Scott W. Winchell
National Editor-in-Chief

Stand Up America USA

As a conservative, believer in the Constitution, outspoken Christian, and in general concern for your future, my future, and the future of our families, I write the following:

It is time to come together, united in our marching, standing, sign making, and speaking out efforts. It is time to tell our State officials that we will not accept excuses and silence from them on this issue any longer. I am SICK of watching Obama parade around the world like he is some great American leader. Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor to America. He is THE brown nosing, gutless, coward of the world.

Obama is not eligible to be in our White House. The White House belongs to the free people of the United States of America. Liberals throw the race card and personally attack those of us who stand firmly and speak out. They can not attack us any other way. They have no facts to back them up or support their claims. We are the majority. It is high time we act as the majority and in one voice, first to our State leaders, tell government that we will not be silenced for any reason on this issue.

Per the Constitution of the United States of America, Obama is not a natural born citizen. Obama’s father was never a United States citizen and Obama does or has in the past held a dual citizenship, which also makes him, by law of the Constitution of the United States of America, ineligible to be seated in the White House as the President of the United States of America. It is this that we must protest. We make enough noise with enough numbers that we will not be able to be ignored any longer. We get Obama removed from office and all law passed since he has been illegally in the White House will go out with him. Nazicare will be no more. Cap and Trade will not be an issue.

With Obama gone, we can then move on with restoring our freedoms and liberties. We must act as a united people for the cause. We must act now. We must act on faith. We must be relentless in our quest. Our freedoms, liberties, and our very lives depend on the removal of this traitor. He has to be stopped. With one voice, we can accomplish this objective either here within our own State Capitols or in combination of rallying our States to the cause then moving in on a major march in D.C. together and with the support of the numbers to get the job done.

It is my belief that there are reasons why the Bible states the time shall not be known for the rapture and other things which are coming. My belief is that when God gave us, the people he created, life, and free will, those of us who have chosen to walk with Him can make a huge difference in God’s time table as to when things come to pass. We have the freedom to choose to march, organize, and protest the tyrant in the White House. We have the freedom to change things for the better once again. Now we just have to get together on the reason, make a stand, and refuse to back down.

Points to march on:
1. Obama’s father was never a citizen of the U.S.A. and Obama is ineligible to be in the White House.
2. Obama has or does hold a dual citizenship and is ineligible to be in the White House.

Sign Ideas:

You get the idea. We want to keep this simple, effective, and very loud. We want and need to be one voice. Be silent no more. In marching on all 50 State Capitols, we will not be able to be ignored. Something will have to be done, finally. If government continues to ignore the facts and the truth, I am ready and willing to withdraw myself from the union. I can not longer take the TYRANT IN CHIEF selling me out and waiting on a genocide to happen right here in America. We are at the door. Do we cross the threshold or do we stand?


God bless all those who have worked against healthcare, cap & trade, etc. I commend you all on your efforts and feel your frustration. If we get Obama out, his crapcare and taxes go with him.

I would like to hear from people in all 50 states who are willing to start promoting this locally and within their own state. You can message me on Facebook in my inbox, message me in chat, or even just send me a regular email to, my regular personal email address is but I have a spam filter on this email and it would be better to send messages to the FAM email address.

May God bless you all and have a GREAT week. We need a date and we need to plan on marching on our State Capitols soon, but it should be done in all 50 states on the same date.

Thank you and God Bless America,
Sandy Elders

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