Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coffee Party: Chock Full O' Nuts

"We did not do enough to help our friend Van Jones" is a direct quote from the Coffee Party manifesto. Anyone who is a true, Constitution supporting Patriot of this great country should know by now to RUN as fast as possible from a group which supports Van Jones.

Jones was Barack Hussein Obama's Green Czar. Of all the criminal and Communist vowing cabinet members, Jones is the only one to be released as he was too outspoken of his Communist ties and agenda, even for the Obama administration. However, the Coffee Party, conceived just three weeks ago, has over 80,000 followers and many of them are Conservatives and professed Christians.

Coffee Party, started as a facebook page, was supposedly the brainchild of a Korean woman, Annabel Park, former campaign worker for Obama, and political strategist (video below). The introduction to the group is very patriotic sounding, implying the concept of the group is liberty and 'making voices heard'. If you check a little further you will find the Declaration of Independence. I also found a website, but will not provide link here as I found it had "malicious software" installed.

Strangely, the group organizers did not want my voice heard. I recognized right away that several conservatives belonged to the group, so I investigated to see if it was something I would be interested in. As I delved into the conceptual literature, which can only be posted by administrators of the site, I continued to see one particular word repeatedly---PROGRESSIVE. (movement to change our Constitution)

The word (progressive) is a particular 'hitch in my get along' anyway, so I dug even deeper to ensure just what was the true nature of this group. I could not believe my eyes when I began to read comments such as "We must force media to convince people TEAPARTIERS are all racists." Eventually I would find the support of Van Jones and many more racist-teaparty remarks and strategies, but not before I read their calls to promote EVERYTHING Obama does. They go on to state Government is supposed to be trusted to take care of our needs, and we (citizens) should get out of government's way. In other words, it was instructing people to shut up and not obstruct the government...a far cry from the "All voices should be heard" introductory statement.

It became clear this was nothing less than another Obama cult.

I copied and pasted (unedited) several of the statements made by the administrators of the site which can be viewed here. The next day I was accosted by dozens of people I never heard of, including a few officials of the Coffee Party organization. The messages (mostly on twitter) started out as denials to everything I had posted from their sites (web & fb). Some acted confused, asking where I found such material. Then, it progressed into I was a liar, even though I gave locations, and posts were unedited.

As the day progressed (I hate that word now) and I did not buckle to the threats of law suits and slander, the messages evolved into attacks on my character. It was the usual 'Alinsky Handbook For Radicals' non-sense. If they shout loud and long enough that you are a lune or a scare-monger, the concept is people will listen and disregard what you have to say. Again, a far cry from the pledges I first read upon arrival to their site regarding "ALL SHOULD BE HEARD" as they scrambled to shut me up.

As I warned people the Coffee Party website had malicious software (just like White House site), several people with too much caffiene accused me of installing it.

I begged them to sue me, so we could exchange 'Discovery' and it would reveal exactly who and what was behind Ms Parks' so-called 'grassroot' organization. They dropped that issue quick. From then on I received insults and name calling, mostly from college students. They informed me I was no patriot, a hypocrite Christian, racist, living in a fantasy world, and those are just a few I can repeat.

What was very alarming is the numerous ones I was able to talk to and derived at they had no clue what was the true nature of the group. Reminiscent of my pondering how so many felt duped by Obama during the campaign, when it was clear what he was, if they would have been more informed.

Others I spoke with from the group, unsuccessfully, claimed to be Christians, and questioned my involvement in politics. The first thought came to mind, I must admit, wasn't very Christian, as I attempted to reason with the confused attacker. They identified themselves as a "Christ follower" and a Progressive. One of us was very confused. As I explained it is impossible to refer to one's self as "having a relationship with Christ" and support a most ungodly foundation. One even had either the ignorance or audacity to state their is nothing in the bible condemning abortion.

I observed several comments around the internet where the Progressives hang out and exchange their wisdom---calling me a "Troll". A troll has commonly been known as a liberal (or Progressive) who joins a group or befriends Patriots so they can attempt the same attacks in hopes of discrediting their oppinion through lies. They ignorantly call me a troll because I joined their group to obtain facts about their beliefs, rather than fabricate as do they.
The moral of the story is- many are being duped into joining this evil, deceptive, 'stepping stone' to Communism and agenda to REFORM our country. Whether out of ignorance, as they only go as far as the deceptive introduction, or out of confusion for what they believe in, the majority of coffeepartiers have no idea what they are doing there. If they believe it is a way to be heard, they must understand not to stray from the (dictatorial) agenda, or they will be silenced.

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  1. How wicked she is to take advantage of your own people and propagandize them.

  2. We need to get rid of all Czars. This country can't stand up to 4 full years of this maddness.

    Christians are going to have to vote "Christian" instead of "color"

    Your new follower.