Saturday, April 18, 2009

Diversions: The Oldest Trick in the Book

Actress Janeane Garofalo appeared on MSNBC's "Countdown" April 17, to give her expert analysis on why hundreds of thousands of Americans attended tea party protests on Wednesday.
In the segment -- which started with yet another mature "tea-bagging" joke -- Garofalo said the following:

"You know, there's nothing more interesting than seeing a bunch of racists become confused and angry at a speech they're not quite certain what he's saying... this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up."

Garofalo's ignorant rant continued with accusations of protesters not having a clue what the original tea party (1773) was all about. Obviously, Garofalo has no clue what either event was about, but, she can exercise her freedom of speech, presently, as a result of the efforts in 1773, which ignited the rally developing into the Revolution.

This vulgar display by Garofalo came on the heels of Janet Napolitano's report being leaked. The report, issued by the Dept. of Homeland Security, which Napolitano heads, was meant only for law enforcement agencies. The intent was to place them on notice to be watchful of the percentage of the population which opposes any policies of Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama.

Labeled "Extremists", more than half the population was targeted as a "Terrorist threat". Military, pro-life advocates, all who defend the 2nd amendment, are all to be watched carefully. In other words, Christians, or any people with moral values, are a threat. In all, every individual in the United States which disagrees with Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is conceived as a threat.

We expect ignorant rants from celebrities, and such, who think their IQ automatically rose with their income. Our public leaders, however, should practice some restraint of their display of ignorant bias, or worse, prejudice. After much response and outrage regarding her categorizing our soldiers as being an unstable threat, Napolitano issued an apology from every news network. It is not a question of how sorry Napolitano is for the report being leaked. The real issue is who is dealing with the real terrorist threats for which the agency was formed. Even though law suits are being filed, Napolitano's competency to take on the responsibility of protecting U.S. citizens is what should be scrutinized.

The Tea Party rallies all over the country were peaceful and successful in showing a growing populous is realizing government oppression. Look, aside from all the smoke being blown by the leftists, it comes down to only two categories remaining in this issue, over all. It all revolves around our Constitution. Argue mindlessly and spew rhetoric, but, the only active items are, you either support our Constitutional Law, or not. That is what all this is about.

As long as all abide by our nation's laws, it all works. The problem is, the last five administrations, present included, have ignored the Constitution, in favor of their own power, and agenda. This is exactly what the founding fathers, who authored the document, intended to prevent. Judges and Attornies General are changing our laws on a daily basis; laws they swore an oath to uphold.

We were never supposed to be servants of the government. The government is supposed to be servants of "We The People". Along the way, the elite of our country and foreign interests have been appalled by such freedom of the people, and spend all their efforts and resources in attempt to dismantle it. The Tea Party protesters are not Bush lovers, or Republican sore losers as the Dems would have you believe. They certainly are not racists.

Where were the liberals to speak out against the fanatics, representing their values, interrupting free speech in numerous protests. I thought that was the number one golden rule of the liberal. "You can't shut us up" has been heard over the last four decades. Why then do the liberals go out of their way to shut everybody up? It couldn't be because they disagree, could it?

Where is a report from any government agency warning law enforcement to watch liberals? With a running track record of violence and destructing of property to get attention, no one in the current administration is the least bit concerned of acts committed by their constituents. From rocks thrown through windows and car burnings, to bombings and shootings... no labeling or special attention.

It is simple. We were led to believe it was necessary to give an initial few corrupt corporations billions of our tax dollars, or our whole economy would fail. Along came Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, carrying the same torch even further, making it obvious, the objective is to make our economy fail. He has displayed, with no restraint, his intent to carry the country into a global resolve. That means removing our sovereignty and tearing up our Constitution. The bottom line is, all ridiculous rhetoric aside, which category do you fall under? Pro Constitution and Sovereignty, or anti Constitution and forming a new government, a Socialist government, is the only real debate.

Mr. Soetoro, aka Obama, is following a strict agenda, to align all his proverbial cookies, in order to achieve his global plan. He has already disregarded many Constitutional laws. His followers never miss an opportunity to use Bush as an argument. "Why was there no protests against Bush?", is the most common response by liberals. All this 'bail-out' and 'devastation' to our economy issue began boiling over, as the presidential campaign was winding down. If you remember, Soetoro, aka Obama, was in complete agreement with Bush's resolve at the time it started rearing its ugly head. Now it has multiplied into a multi-trillion dollar deficit, and trillions of dollars being printed with no real value.

If you explained the concept to a twelve year old child, in laymen terms, he or she would understand this cannot work. The portion of the population, many of which supported Soetoro/Obama, which is realizing the facts and the obvious conclusion, are demanding government accountability. This is the right of all American citizens. The Tea Party protesters, in a peaceful way, are seeking their legal right for due process, under the Constitution. Laws being adhered to, not broken, is the demand of the people. Anybody speaking out against that should be ashamed. Anybody trying to silence that, is in affect against the law of the land.

The oldest trick in the book is to distract the victim with the left hand, while attacking with the right hand. Create as many diversions as possible, that has always been the proven, elementary tactic of any conspirator. What will be determined as the most elaborate con job in history, is unfolding right under American noses. Creating the need for a global resolve, and taking our attention away from criminal acts in order to achieve it, is the number one objective.

I am more than confident, several investigations/indictments will result from any and all attempts to undermine our nation's sovereignty. Included in these, but not limited to, will be both Bush's and Mr. Soetoro, aka Barack Obama. The numerous diversions are to lead the citizens away from any attempts to initiate justice, before the necessary 'legal blocks' have been implemented. Just as Mr.Soetoro has spent a small fortune blocking all legal attempts to demand proof of his identity and eligibility to hold office, they will create the illusion for the need to use force against any opposition.

As numbers grow, they will not be able to ignore the will of the people. Our Constitution, and justice, will prevail. As of today, the U.S. Attorney, and the Attorney General of Georgia, have both refused to accept indictments, legally submitted by citizen Grand Juries. Their primary reason for rejecting documents legitimized by our Constitution is stated as they don't serve the people. This is exactly the point of the Tea Party mission. More pressure is being placed on various judicial systems every day. Soetoro cannot block everything. Eventually, he will be accountable.


  1. This is a great commentary thanks for sharing.

  2. Napolitano's use of the 1995 Oklahoma City attack as an example of why US military veterans are supposedly a threat to us all certainly is intriguing-

    That bombing was a single event, almost 14 years ago- but hasn't Al Qaida staged hundreds of attacks on US interests since then? Why so little mention of them since she was appointed three months ago- isn't keeping a lid on those medieval savages 80% of her job description? Isn't that why the Department of Homeland Security created in the first-place?

    Apparently there is no bounds to what government assets Obama will prostitute for his own purposes… while neglecting daunting, actual threats in the meantime.

    So all who wondered why Obama chose this obedient toady to head Homeland Security now have their answer: a serious choice who would have focused upon real terrorist threats -not imaginary, partisan ones- like, say, a Rudolph Giuliani, wouldn't have been a willing participant in such a sham report.