Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is It Live, Or Is It Memorex?

The bin Laden hoax...

I don't doubt bin Laden is dead, but Obama had NOTHING to do with it. NOTHING!!! But he needed it. He hasn't done anything credible since in office and absolutely had to have the credit for bin Laden. Preliminary reports before Obama spoke that Sunday night (5-1-11) were that bin Laden was dead for at least a week but they were waiting for DNA (via AP and confirmed by someone in Pentagon).

Then, Obama addressed the nation and claimed he gave the order to take out bin Laden that morning. Now, I considered there may have been a mix up in communication, but the next day (Monday) at the White House press conference, a reporter asked why they were 99.9% sure it was bin Laden that they killed....they replied it was DNA. DNA takes at least a week to be confirmed.

General Petraeus was at the Military base half mile from where bin Laden was staying a week before (same time bin Laden really died) and immediately Obama appointed him Director of CIA the following Monday ( a week before Obama claimed to have given the order to kill bin Laden) so he couldn't answer to press if questions arose. It was all BS---thats why they conveniently disposed of the body in a way that had NOTHING to do with islamic ritual, but used that as their 'fall back'. It is inappropriate to dump a muslim body at sea when they've been killed on land PLUS muslims claim bin Laden was not one of them anyway, which we also know is BS. Most muslims consider bin Laden the most holiest man alive.

ITS ALL BS and many Americans swallow it. There are very intelligent people in our Government, at least as intelligent as myself. I don't doubt there is someone who knows the facts the way I do, yet NO ONE is raising any question in regards to Obama's involvement or the discrepancies. I would love for someone with half a brain to explain why America is so gullible when it comes to Obama...even his opposition...if he truly has any.

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