Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stack's Online Suicide Note/Manifesto

Austin, Texas, February 18, 2010, approximately 11 AM CST, Andrew Joseph Stack flew his plane into a suburb office building housing several IRS offices. The 53 year old software engineer uploaded his suicide note to his website app. 45 minutes before. was removed at the request of the FBI later that day. The following is page by page screen shots which may be enlarged by clicking on the images. The manifesto was titled "Well Mr Big Brother IRS Man... Take My Pound of Flesh and Sleep Well."

At approximately 9:30 AM Stack started his own house on fire. His wife and daughter had left the night before as Stack was reportedly 'acting strange'. Neighbors and friends stated Stack never expressed any political views and seemed to be a peaceful man. His manifesto ended with an anti-Capitalism statement. There is no knowledge of Stack belonging to any political groups or affilliation, however, the left immediately began screaming he was a "Teabagger" (vulgar slang referring to Tea Partiers) as he had a problem with the 'tax people'. There is no limit to how low the left will stoop.

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