Sunday, August 9, 2009

Member Of "Hired Mob" Speaks Out

Given our presumed President's (Obama) desire to weigh in on local events involving black people, we take a look at recent days comments from our leadership on disturbances at protests, since a black man (conservative) was attacked by SEIU employees.

1. The President himself, at a town hall meeting speech, called for protesters to "Shut up and stay out of our way." He also called the ever growing protests, "An angry manufactured mob." Reminiscent of the Cambridge Police comment, wouldn't you say? UPDATE: 8/10/09, 12:15 PM (CST) In a press conference in Mexico, Obama states Americans "Are engaged in healthy debate over health care reform." At the same time he endorsed Canada's health care system, calling it "Depicted as the boogy-man by those who reject reform."

He also endorsed amnesty, and STILL called Zelaya's removal a coup and insults all who oppose his efforts to have Zelaya reinstated as Honduras' President. Zelaya was legally removed by the Congress of Honduras as he was attempting a coup of their Constitutional government- in the same fashion as Obama is attempting in America; the Honduran coup was averted. Last month Obama began economic sanctions against Honduras in favor of the dictator.

2. Nancy Pelosi states to reporters the protesters are Nazis carrying swastikas.

3. Barbara Boxer states the protesters are "Too well dressed" to be real protesters.

4. Kathleen Sebelius (Health and Human Services Secretary) calls for her SEIU (union organization) "Brothers and sisters" to take action in assuring the "success of what is important to them."

5. Barny Frank and numerous other Senators and Congressmen are calling the protesters "hired disruptors"

Nancy Pelosi, not retracting her lie of seeing swastikas carried by senior citizens, recently stated the protesters are "Un-American". This coming from the Senator of San Fransisco who has always supported and praised the gay and anti-military protests in her district.

Let us see what the most recent comments are that we can find from a prominent Democrat. Perhaps one of the most prominent Democrats of our lifetime stated:

"Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism" ~ Hillary Clinton (2006)

"To blindly follow bad leadership is not Patriotic" ~ Hillary Clinton (2006)

There were literally dozens of town hall meetings scheduled for the next 30 days by Democrats selling their Socialist agenda and H.R. 3200 (health care bill). In the last 24 hours most of these meetings have either been cancelled or replaced Representatives with their staff members.

Instead of public appearances, many are choosing to hold phone meetings or webinars.

"To remain silent when they should be protesting makes cowards of men" ~ Abraham Lincoln

"We begin to die the day we remain silent about things that matter" ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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